Here is the LADY who leaked to RAILA that he won on August 8th by 1 million votes – UHURU/ RUTO almost assassinated her!

…ready to be sworn because everybody, including Uhuru and his Deputy, William Ruto, knows very well that he took them to the cleaners during last year’s presidential elections.

According to a NASA insider, Raila Odinga received the servers’ report from former IEBC commissioner, Rosylene Akombe.

Akombe gave him logs that showed he won the election by a landslide.

Akombe, who later fled to the United States,  also told Raila Odinga that Uhuru and Ruto were planning to assassinate her and that was the reason she fled to the US in October last year.


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  1. Recount the votes is the only acceptable standard internationally and nobody in Nasa will ever raise this

  2. Hahahaha, this is the most ridiculous Raila and NASA myth ever invented by two women in deceit. Why wouldn't these two mamas swear affidavits in support of the 1st and 2nd petitions to the Supreme Court, if this drama was anything to go by? Had this been proven to be true, the baba should pursue the two NASA mama moles in IEBC for the messy residual outcome. On that count, the whole story does not add up! Period.

  3. Kenyans are tired of these lies. How did Akombe know Rails won by a margin of I million votes. Only the Chairman of IEBC is allowed by law to announce results. Accepting figures by other people is taking the joke too far.

    By the way, did the returning officers in the field report to the chairman or to Akombe.

    NASA, please give Kenyans a break. Shut up or insist on recounting the ballots. They are available.

  4. Jubileens will always wish that votes are recounted becoz they know they've allredy filled the ballot boxes with the difference of what they got and what they announced. Why not just open the servers.

  5. Stupid when are we going to stop this mind washing subjects which even admin enjoys, rub it in until they believe you, lie until they believe your lie Satan in the act. ashindwe.

  6. Kenyans do not know where the server is.To deal with the all issue can we recount the votes because that is what most kenyans know and understand

  7. propaganda will always prevail in NASA. if this is the case, akombe was never impartial, she even quit to ensure the repeat elections fail to take place

  8. This is bullshit. Even RAO is shameless to tell us how Akombe leaked to him that he had warn. From where did you get the votes to beat Uhuru? Stop joking!!!

    You could have asked for a recount of votes instead of wasting time with unconstitutional transmission non-sense. You had plans with Akombe and don't tell us about them. No one will sit down with you to discuss elections.

  9. Raila has no numbers in Senate, Parliament, Mca, Governors, Women Reps and only a fool can believe Raila won

  10. Even if Raila won with no numbers in Senate and Parliament, How will He rule? By decree like Boris Yeltsin or Iron fist Rule like Idi Amin?

  11. Servers can be corrupted by malware from Rao's friends in Russia so Orengo why didnt Orengo pursue Vote Recount in the Supreme Court before any alleged tampering was done, Luos need a new and clean Leader like Washington Midiwo coz Raila's hands r full of blood & 25yrs as Mp left a trail of Flying Toilets with no development Project in Kibra, Luos should demand Cdf accountability from Raila misrule, If I'm wrong forgive Me Luopeans, If I'm right may Mama Ida clobber Rao just like Weta was clobbered

  12. Hahahaaa the elections paired funny characters ie Amos Wako/Philomena Mwilu then Raila/Akombe, though Rao added another Woman in Zanzibar so is it true Moi alifinya ignition key ya Rao? Anagurumisha hizi machines vipi?

  13. did aliens come ,vote raila then exited? raira tiga wana! mwamaka

  14. What do you expect Akombe could have told Raila except to cheat him.Why did she never said so when the election was nullified to save the country billions of money.Let go to Kasarani and open all the ballot boxes of 8th August election to clear the doubt.

  15. Raila and Akombe plans were demolished by God who most of Kenyans serve.Even swearing in is a theory.

  16. Akombe come back to Kenya so that you can save us from this quagmire but when you puts into public while you are still in foreign countries please give Kenyans a berth.

  17. Ballots become invalid after 3yeas and Orengo/Raila know this so well so the ballots are still sealed

  18. CIA; Friendly dictatorship is better than a Hostile democracy. KGB; You got to crush some few shells (skulls) to make an Omlet

  19. ICC Office of the Prosecutor OTP contacts are on Google and is the high time Raila and Kalonzo be tamed once and for all

  20. ELOG of Brian Weke also confirmed Uhuru's win and this is important since Weke has been ODM aspirant for Embakasi West

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