Gloves off as MIGUNA MIGUNA abuses US Ambassador, ROBERT GODEC, like a child – TRUMP will be mad at him

Friday January 5, 2018 - Self declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) general, Miguna Miguna, has launched scathing attacks at United States Ambassador to Kenya, Robert Godec, after he told NRM leader, Raila Odinga, to shelve his idea of swearing himself in and embrace dialogue.

“Dialogue is very important for the progress of the country,”

“The leaders need to come together for the…

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  1. inform the old folks to go advice North Korea.

    We citizens of the republic of Kenya don't share your vomit cos they are fraudsters and to hell with them.

  2. jaluos are shitting on themselves when they hear of AMERICA while some years back they were all over carrying american flags in each of their heathen events including demos and funerals.sees poor ugly gentiles are always living in denial.who will wake these cursed fools from their wet dreams?

  3. Kikuyus are cursed with worshiping money and grabbed land. And they have infested this disease to Kalejingas

  4. Yes, luos were carrying flags because their son was the President of America. Are you jeolous? You can go to your village and rape donkeys, sheeps and stealing because that is what you are good at instead of talking of gentiles because it is not part of politics. You are the cursed tribe who believe you are hard working and rich from stealing and murdering innocent Kenyans. Yes luos will have demos until Kenyans are liberated from the wolves who are stealing all the resources instead of Kenyans have good health care, good schools etc. You are a fool for making one a tycoon while you have nothing and suffering just like other Kenyans. If a luo had a thief as a president they will condemn him because they love their country and wouldn't want it to go down that is the difference with the donkey rapists who dont want facts.

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