BABU OWINO says he has changed completely - I will never be RAILA ODINGA‘s drama queen and abuse UHURU a leader his constituents voted for.

“It is a new year and I have decided to make some changes in my life.”

“To some people I have always been the leader who reacts the most in different situations, some might even call me a drama queen,’’ said Owino.

“But I have decided that I have now become the leader that Embakasi East want me  to be.”

“To champion on matters affecting the youth of our country,” Babu said.

Last year, Owino crossed the red line when he described President Uhuru Kenyatta as a son of a dog.

He was arrested and then released on a cash bail.


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  1. Babu, are you sure Raila will allow to do what you are saying?


  3. Good news Babu can change from Saul to Paul. This is a sign of maturity.

  4. You still owe us an explanation as to why you insulted the President and his mother. To us what you are saying is immaterial until you apologise to the President and his mum in the news papers. BUY A PAGE AND LET EVERYBODY READ YOUR APOLOGY PERIOD.

  5. Good start kijana. But 1st change that stupid Babuu name, that is reserved for wazee akin to your dad's dad, 2nd change your idiotic wardrobe and start looking serious in proper attire befitting a leader not this comedian trapping you put on. Even two former east lands 'drama queens' are whole Guv'nors of 2 whole counties now having seen the light and reformed kind of. 3rdly apologize to Mama Ngina and his toto; and finally buy us embarrassed Embakasians a drink at Tripple O... next sato, and we shall dispense some serious advise to reform you. And oh, absolutely no Tibims. No Riaa tialaa-whatever. That lingo is for premature ejaculants of the university kind. Kabish?

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