Why DAVID NDII is not done with UHURU/ RUTO just yet for stealing RAILA’s victory! We have to secede from KIKUYUs

Tuesday December 5, 2017 - NASA strategist, David Ndii, is no stranger to controversies so much that he has become a thorn in the flesh of the Jubilee Government.

Ndii, a renowned economist, has been able to attract respect and disdain in equal measure with his calls to bring change to Kenya.

Long before secession was amplified following the recent elections, Ndii had flirted with idea of breaking Kenya into separate ethnic...

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  1. Stupid idiots, kwani what is he JARUO?

  2. USA/UK and UN wants to intimidate Raila Odinga from swearing him as Kenya peoples elected President who won The 8th August 2017 in Kenya but rigged and hijacked by Jubilee Uhuru Kenyatta and by refusing to open servers. This USA /UK and UN conspiracy must be resisted.Kenyans Cannot forget and move on this time its no!The bangi smoker went ahead to congratulate police and Mungiki for Killing luos and their babies.

  3. This one is really interesting and specially for those who love to know about the ongoing events around themselves and the world. One can also take help from the Live Now India to get the updated news regarding national, international issues.

  4. Luos should have their own state with RAO as there president.We are tired with these lazy people always demonstrating while they wallow in poverty because their leaders have made them slaves.

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