We will push for secession until RAILA becomes President, if they say no, we leave KIKUYUs in their own country - JUMWA

..the country that led to marginalisation of some parts of the country is the main reason why the Coast region will break away.

She said the Coast people want development like their counterparts in Central Kenya and said this can only be achieved by swearing in Raila Odinga as President or breaking away.

She also said the Jubilee Party is running the country like its own house and that is the reason why NASA will support secession.

“When one party single-handedly runs the Parliament and Senate like their own house, citizens have a right to directly exercise their democratic powers as enshrined in the Constitution,” said Jumwa.


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  1. Shame on Jumwa, though she is avery shameless woman who calls for witches around the region to bewitch Kikuyus, the same people who fought and loberated the whole of Kenya with their blood. Kweli ahsante ya punda ni mateke coz with her man raila they enjoy fruits borne by Kikuyus and shamelessly behave like kikuyus are not supposed to.be in Kenya. Devolution have reached all cirners of the country and if their counties are not being developed by their vounty governments, let them not pretend kikutus are holding back the developments.Jumwa go ask Kingi what he does with billions allocated to develop Malindi and leave kikuyus alone and if you swear raila in illegally he'll face the hangman/guilotine.

  2. Can Jumwa tell us why she thinks Raila is the better "devil".
    We are tired of shallow thinkers trivializing this country as if it just about one man Raila. Is Jumwa the one who threatened the elections with witchcraft?

  3. If Uhuru does not sign Raila's Execution Order, Ruto should grab and sign it

  4. Jumwa We dont hate Raila but that Guy left a trail of Flying Toilets in Kibra, just ask Him if there were Flying Sheet before He was elected

  5. Aisha Jumwa is tempting Rao to try another 82 Coup but Rao aint stupid coz He knows the Cost, Jamaa alifinywa

  6. There are very many nincompoops masquerading as leaders in this country. Tells us Jumwa, what did RAO accomplish in Kibera for the lengthy time there as MP? What has he done as a leader, MP, Minister and Prime minister for his home turf Bondo? He he cant show anything for that then what can he do for this country as prezzo? Just carpets and toilets to aggrandize himself? Tell us another and stop hallucinating like your other nasa colleagues like muthama and orengo.

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