UHURU/ RUTO are cowards and they are going home by Christmas! They should face me like gentlemen - DAVID NDII

…we face off mano y mano," Ndii said.

Members of the public who responded to his tweet included one Munanyakhi, who said: 

"So sad you just came from incarceration and you can't tame your tweeting fingers.”

“Next time they come for you, remember to apologise to your daughter in advance for leaving her without a father figure."

Crispus Wachira said:

"I may not like your abrasive behaviour but I must also remind you these fans cheering you on, as you duel with powers that be, will not come to your aid when you are incarcerated in one of our penitentiaries."

Eric Kithinji added: 

"You will be imprisoned for treason and die in those cells.”

“Joke with your words and actions...you will regret later."


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  1. Ndii you look like a backing dog

  2. David is a Kihii championing rights of ihii

  3. who knows Ndii's Father?could he be a bastard?

  4. You ignoramus fool how naive can you be!We shall wait and see who will have the last laugh! This is not America this is Africa where people disappear without a trace!And the sun will rise and set as if nothing has happened.Be very much afraid of the dark!

  5. Gnat and brainwashed dunderhead. He is a mere NASA doormat.

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