UHURU/ RUTO are behaving like ‘mad cows’ - DAVID NDII‘s wife reveals the dirty things they have been doing to her

..her 11-year daughter watched.

“Seven officers came two were armed with guns.”
“The approached my husband as he was together with our daughter heading to the dining room.”

“They approached him and said they wanted to have a word him.”

“After knowing that they were officers, he requested for my phone since he was not carrying any and made some calls before the officers drove (him) away,” Gatabaki said.

She also revealed that State officers have always been trailing her husband.

“There is always a car which comes and parks outside our gate.”

“They normally come whenever we are not in the house and they pretend to be looking for some people around but we know what they have been looking for,” she said.


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  1. Why did he not "Resist" the arrest? I thought he has been bragging that he is a total man! Mwende advise your husband. He might end up losing his testicles like his friend Raila.

  2. anybody who happens to be trailed by police and espcially flying squad should be worried cos he must have done s'thing silly. so madam mwendiiiiii know your bae vizuri b/4 openning your big mouth.good luck with your 4year angel GOD will watch over u if not devil.

  3. By now she should have known that this comes with the game which her husband has decided to play!! YOur husband should stick to economics period! a below par manifesto; wrong advise to RAO etc; he is trying hard to cover up for his errors as a NASA strategist!

  4. First, Mwende talked too much about her professional credentials and her awards... now that does not bring her or Ndii above the law, no, no, no! Second, she should be well advised of the saying that 'if you do not want to trade with the devil, do not go to its market place'. Very simply really...

  5. So we should all succumb to the rule of mungiki who crash people's testicles and kill others?


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