TRUMP begs RAILA ODINGA to accept the Prime Minister’s position under UHURU’s administration - RUTO in a fix

Friday December 8, 2017 - The United States Government has asked NASA leader, Raila Odinga, to engage in dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta instead of proceeding with his inauguration on Tuesday.

According to NASA insiders, the US Government urged Raila Odinga on Friday to calm down and promised him that they will push for the formation of a coalition Government in Kenya where the NASA leader will be appointed Prime Minister.

“Bob Godec and…

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  1. Don't accept that crap, the guy is a fraudster president and should not rule over Kenya until that day he a revived those Kenyans his mungiki thugs have killed.

    The Ameros should take their crap to America the land of no dreams.

  2. Ati coalition government? Is someone dreaming? You know even when Samuel was rejected by God he went to consult mediums? That is what Raila is the mediums yet he knows it is God who rejected him.

    Even if he needs a third and fourth round to confirm it, we are ready to do so. No Mkate Nusu!

  3. You Godec go ask Trump to give Hillary mkate nusu it is not available in Kenya

  4. CODOLEEZZA RICE and other former American envoys to Kenya must know that their biased and partisan voices should not be representing or altering our wish through the votes.
    Godec is the current envoy and seems to be the only American Envoy who understands Raila's personality and politics. Raila creates bad scenarios in his mind, does propaganda with them, causes euphoria and unwarranted hatred. He uses his opiated young followers from his tribe incited by politicians who are looking up to plum positions in a Raila leadership, to cause mayhem so that the world seeing these pictures(to Raila's benefit) will truly think there is crisis in Kenya. By the way, Raila being about the 7th richest man immediately after Kenyatta should first explain how he got this rich as he pretends to fight for the oppressed.
    Let Codoleezza Rice stop prescribing solutions to issues that she seems biased about since around 2007.
    Kenya's problem is Raila and his misfortune on being unable to achieve his boyhood dreams of being president. This is why he has caused endless bloodshed in Kenya. It is unfortunate that those who are sadistic about Kenya will never stop him by telling him the truth but rather fuel his wicked ways by faulting and lecturing the government all the time.
    Can Rice tell us why Raila has fought to be president since his adolescence! Is this about rights or self glory. What in his history in politics shows he is the best president Kenya has never had, and therefore we have to take him by force! He is guilty of causing poverty in Nyanza and Kibra so as to always have groups to use in explaining oppression and lack of inclusiveness.
    Let Rice stop trivializing Kenya out of her personal feelings about Raila. She should stop being lazy on this issue, analyze the Raila problem since early 80's through 90's (when he was fighting to dethrone his own father from Ford Kenya) or keep off the matter all together. Rice, read about Luo Thrifts &Trade organization(LUTACO) and see where Luo poverty stemmed from, and same poverty will have them be used by Raila perpetually to display inequality for purposes of dethroning siting governments. Take a census of those who jump on the roads confronting police, looting and raping. and see they are Raila's kinsmen.
    Forget about the Jimmy Wanjigi's and other magnates who wish to be power brokers and gain economically out of a Raila presidency.
    We as Kenyans feel undermined when every other person feels they are authorities over our matters, offering what we would call un- thought partisan advise.
    The problems we have in Kenya have mainly been created by Raila. He has been very corrupt, is a dictator even at party level,he is a nepotist,lover of anarchy etc, and feels we Kenyans owe him the highest office for having "fought for democracy". But then, that was his nicely crafted scheme for riding to power.
    At his age now, he is bitter he might never be what he wished to be out of all his dramas. Thus, he would rather Kenya burns for him.
    Rice, Kenyas problems are not any different fro America's problems.They are only smaller. Yet, we do not come to prefecture you over your matters. Rice you had a role in 2007 problems.
    we can only say there is a gang of self seekers against Kenya led by Raila, civil-evil societies-for cash and positions, others for just seeming to offer an alternative voice, and blind incited followers informed by tribal hate.
    If Raila is a true patriot as he purports to be, then we do not owe him presidency"by hook or crook". The fact that he is ready for Kenya to burn if he is not president should make all see he has never fought for anything or anyone but himself.

  5. Codoleezza Rice Kofi Annan and Roselyn Akobe should be put in one basket and ignored. They stand for similar interests. Kofi is even for George Soros. Rice is in this ignorantly as Raila's misinformed friend and sympathizer.

  6. Codoleezza Rice Kofi Annan and Roselyn Akobe should be put in one basket and ignored. They stand for similar interests. Kofi is even for George Soros. Rice is in this ignorantly as Raila's misinformed friend and sympathizer.

  7. Coalition government is bad precedence.People will never accept to lose in elections. You can see the many petitions we are having these days at Kenyan tax payers expense.Outright losers are overburdening the economy.
    Let us handle matters in posterity even as we advise on coalition.
    Raila cannot even function well in a coalition like he did not last time because he loses focus taking competition everywhere. And anyway, why is everybody's focus on pacifying a man with no agenda but himself. A man consumed by his own fantasies- just a troubler with a restless spirit.!
    Kenya and Kenyans matter. It is not about a few misguided Luos(not all) and their believe that they are poor due to oppression. Let this small group re-look their attitude towards work, saving, investing before they keep creating false images of what the problems in this country are, then spreading propaganda and euphoria around the same.
    Foreigners giving advise on Kenya(Raila-he believes he is Kenya and Kenyans) out of shallow understanding of the socio-political activities, are doing us injustice.
    It should be about respecting systems,the constitution on the rule of law. It is unfortunate and shallow that someone like Codoleezza Rice should chose to look at everything Kenya through Raila's eyes. We see this as a deliberate effort to lobby for a friend if the agenda is not bigger than that.

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