TRUMP begs RAILA ODINGA to accept the Prime Minister’s position under UHURU’s administration - RUTO in a fix

…Mr Yamamoto assured Raila Odinga that they will push for the formation of a Coalition Government (Mkate Nusu Government) where Uhuru will be the President and Raila Odinga the Prime Minister,” said one NASA insider.

Under the arrangement, Raila Odinga will be the head of Government and he will appoint a few Cabinet Secretaries.

However, sources said, Raila Odinga refused this arrangement.

The leader of Opposition only wants to be the President of Kenya since he won the presidential vote during the August 8th General Elections.


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  2. Why are we beginning to beg someone who will not accept any democratic process to fall on with positions? I thought we have a constitution in place. The last time we had a coalition, things came to a standstill. I bet my vote would not see the inside of a ballot box if it will be trashed in the name of pleasing RAO. I share this with a good number of Kenyans who braved both 8th August and 26th October. Period

  3. This is a hallucination if not a pipe dream. Nusu mkate nyet. Uhuru won and I do not see any dialogue there unless Trump himself does so for USA. After ball Clinton Hillary won hence controlled more than the majority of the populace.

  4. The reality is we would rather go back to re-afirm for the 3rd time we did not at any one time as Kenyans in the majority elect Raila at all. Uhuru must not be canjoled by the West to go to bed with Raila by creating the post of Prime Minister just to appease him. Let it be very clear to the American Don, it's foolish to make the same mistake we were led to by Kofi Anaan in Feb 2008. Our experience with a coalition government with Raila was not fun. To my mind, Kenyans must decide such a move in a referendum, and that decision will be final to this matter. In fact, to be candid, cessation is a better last resort decision. At that point, Kenyans will decide which way they will want to go and what part goes where. In sum, these simplistic bad solutions to complex matters is wrong and must be rejected.

  5. Democracy is respecting the will of Kenyan voters;it is not about massaging the ego and tantrums of the worst dictator and egocentric person of this age. Kenya is not Raila's garden to cultivate as he wishes, holding us at ransom all the time. We at the other side are saying, let it be!He has not proven himself to anyone to be a better leader than any of the past or future Kenyan presidents.He has only been a good dissident all the years for his sick sake.Look at Kibera, look at Nyanza. Look at our economy and social lives now. Hatred all over, courtesy of him.
    He loves to ride on blood to reach his selfish personal pinnacle.
    America, we do not like your advise we are sorry. Teach him to accept defeat and not all our human dreams and fantasies get to actualization.

  6. Anon.5.52 ujinga nayo, why were the servers not opened on the 8.8.17,the figures were the true reflection of the voting and not the fake ballot papers printed by jubilee at Elam's, Raila won that election, I was an iebc official.
    Two jubilee MPs already had there election nullified..Webuye west and kitui.
    26.10.the turnout was 3.5m,which majority are you telling us,go rot all.This tabia of election fraud should end.

  7. Anon14:06 you have spoken listened to lies to the extent of believing them as the truth!

  8. Anonymous 14.06 funny how you refer to others as mjinga yet wewe ndo ujinga umekizidi. Raila lost big time. he is always a loser and even if the servers would be opned , it would be bigger embarrassment. and get your fats right ahca pang'ang'a na umama. where do you get the figure 3.5m. you believe everything Raila says even if he just says for the sake of comforting his ego

  9. Godec you can RAILA a prime minister in USA as you gave Hillary Clinton when she lost an election to Donald Trump or otherwise give him your post. The man is a total failure

  10. Anon.21.24,nincompoop,I don't rely on Rails,I explained myself earlier, Fact,Uhuru lost and can not win any free fair election,toeni hizi jiggers Kwa vichwa,why were the iebc staff held hostage to explain how the actual figures of the voter turnout reached RAO,the turnout was 17%,the international media placed it at 28%,kwani ni wajinga,style up.
    2007,kibaki with 40 MPs and RAO 103,the bustard is declared the winner,2013,ODM as a party had the highest no.of MPs at I RAO lost,this time round you guys rigged in a number of MPs,senators,governors to claim the majority each at 54%,they are being nullified.

  11. Anon.18.30,nullification of two jubilee MPs election is not a rumour,that is confirmed.

  12. Anon.21.24 umama no we we,tell me any kiuk amekatwa na kisu kama Mimi, right from you leadership.

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