This is the reason why DAVID NDII was abducted on Sunday! Confirmed, UHURU/ RUTO are afraid of RAILA ODINGA

..inciting Kenyans when he appeared in a live TV interview in one local TV station.

The economist has also publicly announced the swearing in of NASA leader, Raila Odinga.

Ndii is the leader of the team discussing the execution of the People's Assembly whose motion has been passed by over ten Counties.

The arrest attracted criticism from many who castigated the Jubilee administration of dictatorship in attempts to stifle the opposition.

NASA leader, Raila Odinga, has already condemned the arrest and termed the move as one way of returning the country back to the dark old days of KANU.


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  1. Kenya the new Zimbabwe

  2. Lunatics are ruthless, so they should be dealt with ruthlesssly. Why is it the ways of nasa are the only “right ways” even against law and order? It’s high time Kenyans dice to the phony plans of nasa . Kenyans rise to the rule of law! The constitution must be protected at all cost. Thank God Kalonzo has refused to be dragged to polute the mother law. Yes, kalonzo, you are a gentleman and not a hooligan. Stand for what will build kenya. You are in nasa by mistake, for you are more a diplomat than a war monger. Please save kenya for Kenyans. You did it before, you can do it again. Like mutahi ngunyi said, “ only kalonzo can save kenya” this is the time son of seikuru. At least do it for Paulina and your children and Kenyans will benefit.

  3. Stupid people will always equate Kenya and Zimbabwe, while your 70 year old thug is training an army to over throw the government this for you foolish minds is total bloodshed wake up and smell the coffee.

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