See how RAILA ODINGA’s voting robots in Bondo are suffering and living like aliens, Shameful PHOTOs.


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  1. Don't worry. There's honey in Canaan.

  2. It is also their latrine and shower. They go to shower, defecate and drink the same water. They will also duck there

  3. It is also their latrine and shower. They go to shower, defecate and drink the same water. They will also fuck there

  4. The former prime minister and all prominent MP`S and the rest have done nothing for their communities . We all here Luo pride but the people need to wake up and vote for credible leaders in those areas . How do you stone businesses and create havoc and expect development .

  5. Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya

  6. Tuju comes from bondo and operates and reports from state house to his boss uhuru kenyatta...take the blame to the architects of the problem....kiambu is no carlifonia neither even with 35yrs of the presidency....

  7. Aaaiii yaya yawa at this day this is still happening????? Why do we speak so loud and speak a lot of English on TV while our brothers are living like this???????? Surely!

  8. Bondo has lake Victoria so what nonesense is this??? You take Pictures from Muranga and pretend that it is Bondo. Bondo has fresh water from lake Victoria all the way to Usenge. So get Your facts straight unless it rainned some where and this is a dame.

  9. ANON 0820 I agree 100 percent with you. Luos are not and will not complain for voting Raila each erection. They still live lives like you who think you are having it sweet because you voted for UHULUTO

  10. Nothing wrong with the picture. this is a true depiction of any rural Kenya whether in Nyanza or chupili land. Proud to be a Luo and always voting for Raila.

  11. I feel sorry for these people who boasts of the best brains in the country yet with very little development to show.

  12. Former president MOi told us that 'siasa mbaya ni maisha mbaya' this is the practical case here, wake up to reality brothers.

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