Read this about RAILA ODINGA and see why UHURU/ RUTO should be worried, this man is no joke.


Raila had refused to eat.He was on hunger strike.

He grew thin and pale.His right palm had gone dark, the arm had pimples and boils as well. He was receiving extraordinary punishment.

He stood for his words. Dictators had to go. Moi had to go.

I had been initially jailed for a year by the Kenyatta regime. For criticising the government acts on my book,, "l will marry when I want".

I had set up a revolutionary theatre, this provoked the dictatorial regime. I was jailed for a year.

Odingas's was involving. Seven years already in jail. He kept his words.

Kenya needed a fresh air. He was willing to pay the price.

I felt touched by his story. When I came to see him, he was denied a chance to talk to me. 

However he wisely did it in a writing.

"Tell lda to ask the doctor to prescribe me these drugs, am slowly dying ".

Soon his mother died.

His other relatives including his…

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  1. What? The idiot was jailed for trying to overthrow the government, simple. The only reason he is still alive is because he was born with a silver spoon. Shindwe shetani yeye!!

  2. katiba is matter what.
    This man babu cannot hold kenya hostage...he is a hater and tribalist.....

  3. Admin check your facts. How wrote that book Nghika Ndenda or I will marry when I want? It is Ngugi Wa Thiongo not RAO

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