RAILA ODINGA seems to hate KIKUYUs and KALENJINs with a passion! See his Christmas message to Kenyans

...new constitutional dispensation, and the beneficiaries of the old political order whose power and wealth is threatened by democracy, rule of law, devolution and inclusive governance,” Raila added.

He also said that in Kenya there are certain communities who think they are superior to others.

“We are called upon to accept that there is political hierarchy of communities in this country, the rulers and the ruled, or to affirm our dignity as equal citizens and to invoke our inalienable human right to self-determination if we must,” the former Premier noted.

“We are called upon to accept that some people are more equal than others, that there shall be one law for the poor, and another for the powerful, or to defend the rule of law,” he said.

Raila said Kenyans must resist in 2018 because dictator Uhuru will use his power to oppress them.

“We cannot and shall not go back to dictatorship.”

“We promise you that you can now look forward confidently to our swearing in ceremony very early in the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” he concluded.


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  1. Mr Odinga have you no shame in 1982 you were a coup plotter,2007 you instigated PEV, 2013 ICC, 2017 Akombe and Kawangware surely how can you claim innocence with unclean hands.

  2. Say whatever nonsense you want but Kenyans made their informed decision and rejected you and your evil plans.you can go ahead and swear yourself in the bush.your threats are invalid.enjoy your expired wetdreams silently.

  3. This guy should just enjoy his omena quietly and leave us kenyans in peace. Does kenyans democray only take root when RAO is in power? What did he do in 2008 when he was prime minister and had a majority in parliament? His ministers were all over looting the government coffers while others were parceling land to friends and croonies. Him RAO office was implicated in Kazi kan he tell us about the yata 1000 acre land, the Tokyo embassy money and the cementry money not forgetting the scandal of malili land where peasants were coaxed by one of his friends to part with some money.

  4. Calling Uhuru dictator sounds very hollow. Call him something else

  5. Raila's dictatorship knows no boundaries. He wants to dictate to the whole country. He never keeps quiet. He's very irritating.

  6. Old man for how many years are you going to give us the same crap really go to hell!

  7. Raila is the man who truly stands for the powerful rich-through looting in this country since his father's days,he stands for true dictators,lords of violence and ethnic hate amongst other evil vices.
    It is unfortunate that he heaps all his evil character traits on others for political mileage. However, the day of truth dawned along time ago and he can only fool himself and the foolish ones now. He is at the end of the end and thinks he can sink with this country but uongo!Karma is hot on his hills for all the blood he has caused shed in this otherwise peaceful nation. (Peaceful without his intrigues and diabolical machinations)
    He is the true enemy of the people and the Nation. Akandanganye wajinga-ndio waliwao.

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