Friday December 1, 2017-Luo community elders on Thursday held their annual meeting where they declared NASA leader, Raila Odinga as the President of the Republic of  Kenya.

The elders, led by their organizing secretary Owino Nyadi said they will cut links with any community leader who associates himself with President Uhuru Kenyatta or Jubilee government.

 Nyadi regretted that some members of the community are in talks with Jubilee leaders to form a post-election pact. 

“We won’t welcome such leaders in our midst,” he said.

He also said the community has demonstrated selflessness in advocating the democratic space that Kenyans are enjoying. 

The secretary said they won’t support talks by self-seekers and Jubilee and they only recognize Raila Odinga as the Real people’s president of the Republic of Kenya.

 “The President of Kenya is Raila Amollo Odinga, other purporting to be president are thieves and purveyors of Justice,” Nyadi said.


  1. kwani beleni alikuwa nani? Go and swear him even at got alira -no body cares,the whole world even Tanganyika knows uhuru is the president of Kenya!

  2. someone help me. Where is Mama Ida to help Baba with ideas.
    Baba is being misled front back right left by the so called
    Orengo and muthama. She should be in Kenya to attend to her husband.

  3. Hope they swore him as president of luo nyanza and secceded

  4. Dream on dream on Kenya isha songa mbele

  5. Luo Elders please remember we re living in modern times where tribal elders no longer control their communities. Tribal elders re irrelevant in modern day Kenya.The youth (who re the majority in Kenya) have intermarried and there is only one tribe called Kenya.You can say Raila is your president- no problem. But remember your Luo teachers and other Luo public servants are paid their salaries by Uhuru's Government. Luos are also getting government serves from Uhurus government.

  6. Luo elders,get used to it !!! Uhuru is the president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. As Luo Elders We are angry that Nyayo alifinya Rao

  8. Senerity is taking toll on you.

  9. Actually the First Luo President was Jaramogi Oginga Odinga,when he died,his son,the Lord of Resistance took over

  10. Who will swear in the so called "Peoples President"? The Constitution says only the Chief Justice or his deputy can do so. And he has already done so at Kasarani in full view of the world.

    Raila should do the difficult task: Convince the Luo elders that the door is shut until 2022. Even then it is not guaranteed.

  11. Huyu baba something is weird and wrong nini anapea watu ili to follow him blindly?? Achunguzwe

  12. Under the 2010 Kenya Constitution section 3(2) 'Any attempt to establish a government otherwise than in compliance with this Constitution is unlawful'. So please Baba Raila please take time to red the constitution and stop relying on people who are intentionally misleading you. The constitution is written in simple plain English.

  13. Can someone explain to Kenyans the following:
    a) this thing called 'Peoples President'
    b) tell Kenyans where it appears in the 2010 constitution
    c) where in the 2010 constitution the procedure of how to swear in the so called 'Peoples President' is explained

  14. Desperate and irrelevant luo elders who know nothing about constitution. you can go ahead and swear him than ask yourself the question of legality

  15. This fellow is sick in the head. It is understood he had tumor removed from his head sometimes in the past, could it have grown back? That is not the Raila we know. The worst is he has infected a whole generation with with his insanity. If he has balls of steel let him dare being declared a president. Prisons have never been tired of hosting his type. Go on, the cells are waiting.

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