RAILA ODINGA has finally accepted UHURU is the President of Kenya until 2022 - See what he is begging from him

..the appointment of his son, Raila Odinga Junior, to a key position in the Jubilee Government.

Another demand is for President Uhuru Kenyatta to help him offset loans which he took from banks during his presidential campaigns.

A NASA mole has indicated that the loans may run up to billions of shillings and Raila Odinga is begging the Government to help him offset them.

It is not clear whether the Son of Jomo will agree on Raila Odinga’s demands.


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  1. If He took loans let the Banks auction Molasses Plant and Specture Intl so the Guy can just leave for Bondo

  2. Raila, Uhuru can order You to be President of Somalia, there is still Hope

  3. No one with Odinga/Raila gene near the Government. Junior apewe chairman wa Sony sugar. As for the Billions, that should be his own problem. don't !!!!!!!!

  4. Uhuru should not yield to such pressure from Raila. Is Raila Junior qualified for a senior position? Why is Raila always fighting for his nuclear family and not the Luos who have sacrificed so much for him?

  5. Give Raila his pension, he can off-set using the same. Tax payers money cannot be used to settle personal loans.

  6. This is hogwash. The government can also help me offset my dowery.

  7. Pay bill to pay for the loans. Luos can contribute from their fish money and the money they have saved from not buying brookside milk

  8. Guys, give the man a break.

  9. Mediocre propaganda from a regime desperate for regitimacy

  10. obvioys the old bigot was broke ...reason withdrew from second round prezo elections.......county money was released late so he could not misuse it with silly nrm gavanas

  11. If Uhur pay loans for Raila even small peasant their loan should be paid by the government.He should talk of something else and not offseting his loan.

  12. @ 5:38 He cannot be given pension because he rfuses to retire.

  13. This is redicurious Ogwambo(Baba)why so selfish? Who had sent you to acquire Bank loans. You are not making any difference if this what you are,

  14. The companies and business competitors who benefitted from his boycott of safaricom and Brookside should finance him...what happened to George Soros funding?

  15. No problem with junior being given a post that he can handle particularly around sugar factories, but how can Kenyans be burdened with personal campaign loans ,particularly after losing so many work days in "resist"! Then, with all due respect to Raila, why does he think Kenya owes him too much? We had the Kimathis, the Mekatilili's, the Ngei's, Kaggia's and numerous others, but they never felt the country should burn if they do not have their way into power. They were genuine patriots.We are tired of these kinds of personalities(Self seeking) that also include Ndii and his wife.

  16. He can sell his Karen home, Kisumu home, the molasses plant and of course the famed Spectre among others.

  17. But did you fools hear Raila asking for help which he did not ask after 2013 elections...go eat at statehouse and leave Raila alone...in any case you are becoming poorer broethrs

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