RAILA ODINGA drops his swearing bid in 2018 indirectly - This old mzee needs a serious beating from NASA supporters!

..President of Kenya.

In an interview with one local daily, Raila said that he will reignite civil disobedience, product boycott and protests to compel the Jubilee administration to allow dialogue.

“Within the first week of new year, we shall unveil a programme for civil disobedience, peaceful protests and non-cooperation," Raila said.

Raila also said that he will tell NASA supporters not to cooperate with the Jubilee Government and also boycott Government functions.


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  1. poor nasa supporters..always at suspense

  2. let him ask all NASA supporters to boycott eating for 5 years

  3. let even those employed by the government boycott work

  4. Personally, am so tired with Raila. I have now started to wonder if he is not taking me for a fool. I have some hateful feeling for him developing in me. He has cheated us for a long time. He now Let Uhuru and Ruto to rule us in peace. He knows it is dangerous for him to be sworn in. He should let it go.

  5. Raila anasema we boycott what? alafu atatupatia? why is this man hell-bent to make other ethinic groups hate Luos as a tribe? NASA is synonymous to Luo and this causes trouble. supposing Landlord and most of them are Ukuyu decide to kick us out of their houses, do you have enough houses to house the Luos working in Jubilee zones? Wacha tue na peace for the shake of the Luo nation. Can you imaging, we Luos are seen as violent, none-thinkers and very stupid because of following you blindly. This time round, let 2018 to an year of peace as I fear for my people from luo nyanza. Let peace idumu!!!!

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