Prepare for earth shaking bombshell during RAILA ODINGA’s swearing, we are taking over one State House - UHURU told

..interpreting the constitution in their own fashion to justify their 'ill-intention'.

"There is a special provision in the law on national governance which some of my learned friends seem not to understand," Orengo said.

“I will not specifically tell you where in the law; the swearing in of Raila is anchored.”

“I will drop it as a bombshell during the material day and Uhuru Kenyatta should be prepared,” Orengo added.

NASA leader, Raila Odinga, has already dispatched letters to 11 County Assemblies urging them to prepare for his swearing on December 12th.


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  1. It is claimed that Orengo is a brilliant lawyer. Orengo please tell Kenyans how the results of the August 8th elections, which were nullified by the Supreme Court, are relevant to Railas swearing in as president of Kenya.

  2. Actions speak louder than words. Stop this sycophancy of Raila this Raila that, let the world see how bold he is.

  3. They were annulled but not yet replaced, so the nullification is not genuine.

  4. Orengo lives in dreamland and he has forgotten what he learned in law school. He has been misleading this old man by citing nonexistent clauses in law until the old man has lost sanity. Orengo has also been telling us of this and that bombshell which never seem to materialize. He told us how jacom will do when he shows up from America the other day but all we saw is the fella heading to his home in Karen and later sneaking to Zanzibar to have a jolly good time. So what is new bwana orengo?

  5. RAO started his political career. 2,500 died when he overthrew the government in 1082. More have since then. He is likely to end his political career violently. We may be staring at a Kamikaze act. Goodluck RAO. Go on.

  6. Jim penned the acceptance speech for the 1982 coup de'tat. That speech was to overthrow the constitution, terminate life of parliament, overthrow the president and declare a dictatorship to lord over the country. That speech was never read.

    The wretched of the earth were hanged at Kamiti. The blue eyed boys were spared in "a kneel before me act." Their misadventure haunts to them to this day. Goodluck guys.

  7. RAO, you are on your own.

  8. Enter your comment...utaenda nyumbani hata kama utaki kumanina za mamazenu,

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