MUTAHI NGUNYI points out one thing DAVID NDII’s wife, MWENDE, shouldn’t have said on live TV.


I want to ask the President where that gentleman is in 2014?

Who asked me to come and create a single source of truth to create transparency in Kenya?

My husband's arrest is not transparent,”

Taking to twitter, Ngunyi wrote:

David NDII is BEING NAIVE with his BRAGGADOCIO. They will MOLEST him in Police CELLS and then Charge him with MISPRISION of TREASON. His WIFE should not TALK about under-clothes on TV. The Couple is BEING USED by FOXY Baba,”

Ndii was charged with inciting the public through a post on social media and an interview he had on TV and was later released on a police bond of Sh10,000 on Monday evening.


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  1. So when Mrs. Ndii was given a job by Uhuru, she took it to serve as spy for Raila! Ndii should be arrested, put in and castrated the same way Raila was done to teach the mouthy Mwende a lesson.

  2. Mutahi Ngunyi isnt fading anytime soon.Its only you and your old ugly LOP who are fading like morning dew.soon there will bed no naswa,only a headless bunch of disgrunted jaluos fighting for relevance

  3. we know now for sure who is running the show. Ndii's wife is an activist who is pushing her husband to the cliff. Regimes never tire but people do. The Ndiis will get it rough and should be ready for serious harassment anytime anywhere. Imagine being arrested in front of your family on your holiday. As of now there are guys out there going through Ndiis history checking for anything that can be used against his family. Ndii, you are someones case study. You will never fight UNCLE SAM and survive ask RAO

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