MUIGAI should go back to school, he is a law dwarf - ORENGO brags after he said they will hang RAILA ODINGA

..making pronouncements, he should make statements that have got the imprint of the law of the land and the Constitution.”

“But when he makes statements that make him look like a propagandist for the ruling party, then one begins to lose faith in that office," said Orengo.

The talented lawyer clarified that what the NASA coalition is planning to do is not going to happen outside the Constitution and the law of the land as claimed by Muigai.

"What is being planned and what we are talking about has nothing to do with anything which is going to happen outside the Constitution and the law of the land," he said

"The Attorney General needs to go back to the law school." he added.


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  1. Wacha kujigamba Oresh, wewe ndio urudi shule. You guys are trying to twist the mother of all laws just to suit your whims. Musituharibie kenya banaa.looks like you are so determined to destroy agwambos name irreparably

  2. Orengo is as useless as a used toilet paper. " He is a senior lawyer with no understanding of constitution but use his own interpretation to certify his ego". It's a shame that Kenyans have given Luo free passes for way too long. As a result, we have these Luos in senior offices who abuses their position as they wish

  3. I have great respect for Orengo and all those who come out to bring this country to a better next level, but it must be with respect, non-judgemental and will no ill motives. All of us will one day leave this world and we will be judged not by words but by the actions from the words. Does it mean that its only Orgeno who can interpret the Constitution correctly and perfectly. I dont think the AG blindly made a verbal diarrhea. There is no Hero or heroism when the lives of humans are at stake. Your opinions are ok but best left to yourself

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