KALONZO is not joking with UHURU/ RUTO - See what he has told his NASA co-principals, RAILA and MUDAVADI

....stolen and the country is deeply divided.”

“Kenyans cannot, therefore, be expected to move on when ethnic hatred and political intolerance are at their worst.”

“I am telling my brother Uhuru Kenyatta that if he abdicates the responsibility of uniting this nation, he should not blame Raila and Kalonzo when we say we will be sworn in.”

“If he doesn’t want to dialogue on electoral reforms, then we will be sworn in,” said Kalonzo
Kalonzo seems to be on the driver’s seat and he is telling Raila and Mudavadi not to fear since they won the August 8th General Elections by a landslide.

“We must be sworn in since we won the August 8th elections,” Kalonzo told Raila Odinga on Friday.


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  1. Hii umbwa imetoka wapi? Iende ukikauka.

  2. There is no difference in they way Kalonzo and his illiterate herdsman reason in terms of the constitution. They why did Kalonzo study law? He should not have gone to school in the first place.

  3. Kalonzo You are a Lawyer, Only 4 Constituencies boycotted the Vote, This means Uhuru is the Kingpin & Rao King of the 4skins

  4. If being sworn in has legitimacy, why not get sworn in as soon as now.why keep your followers in suspense.when you direct your arrogance to his excellency please understand that those who voted him are also on the receiving end.

  5. Uhuru paid 39m Hospital Bill to Kalonzi Mushoga & got His Son elected to EALA but Mushoga is unthankful

  6. Let the wiper man dream. His political career is in limbo. He has become another perennial political looser!

  7. Kalonzo is just an insane, greedy and malicious being,so jealous and full of ethnic hate. Alizoea power during the dark days when it was so sweet and has never believed he can do without it.
    Bure politician.

  8. Kalonzo trying to save face. He know 2022 will be tough for him facing mutua in his kamba nation Leave alone in the larger country

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