Here is why RAILA ODINGA’s swearing in on Tuesday as the People’s President may not happen – MARAGA sends memo

…facing a major challenge because there is no judge who is willing to administer the oath of office to him as prescribed by the constitution.

Maraga, in a memo today to judges, told them that anybody who will help Raila Odinga administer the oath of office will be charged with treason as the constitution stipulates.

High Court Judge George Odunga was among two judges who were approached by NASA to help administer the oath of office to Raila Odinga during the event.

There were reports yesterday that Rtd Justice Kwach had also agreed to swear in Raila Odinga as the People’s President. Raila ill thereafter raid State House, Kisumu, for forceful occupation.


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  1. Tell Raila to try.When majority are silence it does not mean they are foollish.

  2. Propaganda by so and so. Maraga is a respected man who knows the Kenyan law. Shame on the person trying to impersonate him. Leave Maraga alone.

  3. Sure maraga knows the law and that's why he swore uhuru on 28th following our constitution and so no other person is eligible for the same until 2022. Priod. So ANON 05:47 wacha kuherehere and go back to school.

  4. Now if i may ask who ill advices Raila to do such a nasty thing, self swearing... really? Na wanataka nini mwishowe since hii ni mambo maovu kabisa?

  5. i don't see any problem if he can become a luo/kisumu president and kept of kenya affairs aende bondo kabisa

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