Here is what FARAH MAALIM told RAILA ODINGA’s NASA supporters - He abused them like ‘burukenges’

..arranging for the swearing in of Raila Odinga.”

“I will hesitate endorsing any 'swearing in' because that is a recipe for chaos,” Maalim said a few days to Raila Odinga’s swearing in.

Since Raila Odinga’s swearing in has been postponed indefinitely, Maalim has challenged NASA supporters to come out and speak

He told them to start thinking with their heads and not with their hearts alone.

"When I objectively advised against the swearing in of Raila, I was vilified on social media as a sellout.”

“Now that Raila/family are not keen on the idea, it would be interesting to see the reactions of many NASA social media enthusiasts.”

“Transact politics with heads not hearts alone," said Maalim.


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  1. Tell them Maalim. They should avoid emotions when making decisions.

  2. Kudos Maalim! These guys;Orengo, Muthama, Babu Owino, Millie, Wanga, Arati, Makau Mutua, and the mad Canadian migrant lawyer Miguna use neither their heads nor hearts, but some other inferior fulculties only existent in them. They could be aliens from hell.
    And what went wrong with Mudavadi. Could it be his true self never came out- was subdued by the Nyayo regime? He shocks me these days and makes me regret days I fantasized with him as future president. Jameni he is base!

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