Facts about MSANDO’s death as revealed by KTN’s investigative reporter DENNIS ONSARIGO, this is SHOCKING.

….was headed to Naivasha respectively.

10. Same man, same question and same time was going to a pub in Kilimani, to Naivasha and to Central.

11. The police then claimed that Carol Ngubu's body was found 300m away from Msando's body.

12. It is becoming apparent that the body of Ngubu was found 1km away from Msando's body.

13. Msando's family then reported his disappearance to Kilimani Police Station who claimed not to know his whereabouts.

14. They then proceeded to City Mortuary where they found the body having being brought by police officers contrary to their earlier denial.

15. Remember when a body is found by police officers, a signal is always sent through the police radio and every wielder is aware of such case.

16. Surprisingly, the body was taken to the mortuary's private wing which is only happens after the body has been identified by both the family and police.

17. Msando's body had apparently not been identified by any member of his family by the time it was being admitted at the private wing.

18. Up to date, the personal assistant to Chris Msando has never been questioned by the DCI despite having the documentation of Msando's movement and has severally been seen taking selfies with senior Jubilee strategists.

Just join the dots and you will know why and who mutilated and strangled Msando to death.


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