Even MATIANG’I is a big thief just like WAIGURU, see what he has in Runda – UHURU’s men will loot even City Mortuary

….3 storey house in Runda which has strict rules that no one is permitted to build more than a 2 storey single family dwelling.

He also said 6 GK vehicles have been parked in the compound for the last 6 months.

“Mr. @FredMatiangi:

Explain how you acquired a half acre plot in Runda Green, constructed a 3 storey house in a residential area with strict rules that no one is permitted to build more than a 2 storey single family dwelling & why 5 GK vehicles have been parked there for 6 months?” Miguna asked.

He also said Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohamed, is one of the looters who are plundering public resources without mercy.


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  1. Miguna is simply envious because like many of his tribesmen, he cannot invest. Any time he gets a few coins he runs to Canada and come back to Kenya only when he broke. Matiangi has case cars because of the ministry he heads, so 5 GK vehicles are too few. How many GK vehicles does Raila have and yet he is an ordinary citizen?

  2. Propaganda will not assist Nasalites to ascend to power, let them focus on winning strategies for 2022, tired of too much political noise and they should give us much needed break untill 2022!

  3. I can imagine Miguna in a trench coat and a bowler hat snopping in the grounds of Matiangi's house counting the GK cars in the compound like the detectives in the novels of the old days. What a waste of brains.

  4. Miguna also lives in that neighborhood! how did he acquire his property during the coalition govt??

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