Come what may, we are sending UHURU/ RUTO home this year! It is d-day for electoral justice in 2018

....worst when it comes to sham elections. In 2018, we must launch a major effort to secure the best electoral system.


We cannot secure electoral justice and democracy if we don’t strengthen and protect the Judiciary. Democracy thrives on the rule of law.

It requires that we must have an independent judiciary and judges with the integrity and character to make decisions independent of the political happenings and thinking of the time. We must end the idea that the Judiciary exists to support incumbents in their conspiracy against the voters.

Our future is bleak if we stand by as judges are intimidated and blackmailed by an imperial presidency trying to rise again.

There is no democratic nation where the President can refer to judges of the Supreme Court as crooks and coup plotters as happened in Kenya after the Supreme Court nullified Uhuru’s fraudulent win.

That is a call to anarchy and ground for possible impeachment. It did not come as a surprise to Kenyans that acting under extreme pressure from the Presidency, the Supreme Court eventually rendered a unanimous ruling upholding the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta.


That ruling came against the background of failure by the same court to hear a case that sought to stop the election altogether.

The Supreme Court could not raise a quorum to hear the case and to date, it remains unclear how the court intends to deal with the case it failed to hear on the same election it upheld. What happens if this failure to raise a quorum for whatever reason becomes a trend in all politically sensitive cases? 

Either we fix these things soonest, or we may very soon not have a nation.

We must strengthen and protect devolution. This most important structure Kenyans ever gave themselves since independence is being stifled by the National Government through late and irregular disbursement of funds and the extension of the old network of provincial administration to rival and undermine county governments.

The source of all these problems is in the Executive; the presidency to be precise. This has to be restructured to conform to the changing dynamics in our country. 


The imperial presidency that we sought to contain is rearing its head again, interfering with and intimidating other institutions. We cannot stand by and watch as the monster rises again.

Soon, it will be too late.

Nasa has two ways to realise these goals. We can sit down on the negotiating table with our Jubilee opponents and discuss how to fix our electoral system, reform the executive, protect the judiciary, reform the security sector and strengthen devolution. We are ready for such dialogue as long as these issues are on the table. 

Alternatively, we take the issues to the people and let them decide without the involvement of the State. Within the first week of the New Year, we will unveil a programme for civil disobedience, peaceful protests, non-cooperation with and resistance to an illegitimate regime in addition to People’s Assemblies.

Nasa’s position remains that until electoral justice is achieved, we will not recognise the Jubilee regime and the so-called election of Uhuru Kenyatta as President. Happy New Year to all Kenyans.


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  1. Your agenda (its personal) for dialogue is not necessarily what the ordinary Kenyan wants. Somebody needs to look you in the eye and tell you the truth. The truth is you are the one who has caused Kenyans the suffering they re going through. Reasons: (1) You only think bout yourself and cheat Kenyans that you ct on their behalf. (2)You never listen to any other persons opinion - you think you re always right and the others are wrong. (3)You always want to impose your rules on constitutional bodies whenever they re undertaking their duties - you do not want them to follow the law but your rules/demands. (4) You told Kenyans that the 2010 constitution was the best and convinced them to pass it despite advise by economic and legal experts. Its for expensive to implement and the Kenyan economy cannot sustain it t the moment. You though you would be the next president after passing the constitution. (5) You took personal decision to boycott the Oct 26th election and because you have realized that you made deadly mistake you want Kenyans to suffer because of your mistake. Kenyans did not tell you to boycott the elections. (6) The Supreme Court declared the August 8th presidential election null and void and ORDERED for a fresh election within 60 days as per the 2010 constitution and yet you keep on referring to the NULL and VOID ELECTION. (7) You accuse others of not implementing the constitution yet you are the one who does not want to follow and respect it.

    They way forward is forget bout you agenda for dialogue and adopt the ordinary Kenyans agenda which is (a) PARTICIPATORY AUDIT OF THE 2010 CONSTITUTION (b) COME UP WITH ISSUES FOR REFERENDUM. The ordinary people have been complaining bout the high number of county governments, the high number of representatives (MCAs, MPs, role of Women Reps, role of Senators, do we need so many Women Reps & Senators etc). To do away with Tribal Political Chiefs, Kenyans have suggested that we do away with Political Parties and prospective MPs, MCAs etc stand as Independents.

  2. well, keep dreaming!!! Uhuru is firmly on the 'seat' and Raila can do nothing about it. Raila is not wise as he thinks he is. First, he attacked the military, next he's very hostile to business men(uncle SAM). There is no way one can become a president of a nation without these two parties. Kenyans are very wise, soon Raila will be left with his gullible Luos as the rest of Kenyans move on. Uhuru's term will soon come to an end, then someone else carries on. Raila will always be in opposition since he has no development agenda. Raila, has no development record, even building a single boda boda shed. The question is who wants to be led by the lord of Poverty

  3. The only logical conclusion is that Raila has no agenda for Kenya. He is only obsessed with removing Uhuru from power. Nothing else. Its surprising that Kalonzo , Mudavadi and Wetangula have never realized this so that they can start packaging themselves for the big job in 2022.

  4. Let Raila be sworn in as 'nothing' so that he can lose his relevance. His supporters will wait for the utopian life ('milk and honey')he has promised them and they will not get it. Then they (supporters)will flee from him as if he is suffering from plague. It will not take the supporters long before they run away from him.

  5. You will die yelping like a bitch on heat. Like father like son. Cursed family. Uhuru will be in state house till God syas otherwise NOT you and your goons.

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