Come what may, we are sending UHURU/ RUTO home this year! It is d-day for electoral justice in 2018

By Raila Odinga

A year that has been difficult in nearly all fronts has come to an end. Kenyans persevered a dysfunctional economy and an all-time high cost of living that was coupled with the disappearance of basic commodities like unga from stores. The situation was worsened by a bitterly contested and eventually rigged sham election that left a trail of death in the hands of security forces and a regime with massive legitimacy deficit.

On behalf of Nasa family, I salute Kenyans for the resilience and perseverance. I join you in looking forward to a better year and a better nation.

In 2018, our work is clearly cut out for us. After three stolen elections in a row and the standoff that has ensued, ending the culture of sham elections with pre-determined outcomes must be the nation’s priority. We must nip in the bud the new trend where people continue to vote, opposition is allowed to exist and win a few seats in parliament, but the vote does not really count.


Kenya will not stand stolen elections for long. Sham elections brought Kenya on its knees in 2007. Nobody has been punished for the rigging and the killings that followed.

The fraud of 2017 has equally come with killing of opposition supporters but has also seen mounting calls for secession and even talk of war.

This is a new and worrying development. The very existence of Kenya as we know it is at stake. Millions of our citizens do not recognise the regime ruling them and they do not believe Kenya cares about their views and feelings; hence the secession talk.

Yet the regime thinks it can beat and kill citizens into surrender. We are better than being a nation making history for all the wrong reasons. We made history with the nullification of August elections. 

The annulment of the August 8 presidential election by the Supreme Court was only the fourth such event in world history.


In all the three countries polls have been nullified, the repeat election registered similar or higher turnout than the nullified one and the nullification resulted in a better not worse election.

In Ukraine the voter turnout in the repeat election was 77.3 per cent. In the Maldives, repeat election turnout was 87 per cent in the first round and 91.4 per cent in the run-off.

In Austria, the turnout in the repeat election was 73 per cent.  Here in Kenya, even after cooking the turnout figures, Jubilee could not do better than 38 per cent.

In reality, the turnout was closer to 20 per cent. Then we proceeded to make history by being the only country where the repeat election was again challenged in court for being a sham.

The Supreme Court then proceeded to uphold the result of the election despite the fact that the very same court failed to hear a case challenging the very election it was upholding.

All this just because we have a clique that fears fair play and wants to hold onto power by every means and at all costs. We have to fix it.


Our struggle for electoral reforms will go hand in hand with strengthening of the Judiciary and reforming the security sector.

The idea that an incumbent can steal elections then unleash police to beat citizens into accepting the electoral theft must end.  So far, the mindset is to steal the election, suppress and subdue protesters into submission by killing them then they will accept, forget and move on. This has been the case in all the three stolen elections.

Fortunately, our citizens believe they have reached a point of no return. They see D-Day for electoral justice. Nobody is moving on. Voters say it is now or never. Kenyans want electoral justice where elections mean real choices not mere rituals and every vote counts.

We have come through the....

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  1. Kenyans are tired of the mantra "stolen elections." Why not accept the truth you are a perennial loser. Even the Supreme court did not prove that the elections were stolen!!! They only talked of "irregularities and illegalities" in the TRANSMISSION of results. Not the contents of the ballot boxes.

    Why don't you insist we have a look at the actual ballots as the Supreme court did not cast any aspersions on the contents of the boxes.

    Kenyans are tired and are eager to see you "sworn-in" so that they can go on with their lives.

    Those who support you are Kenyans. So are those who don't. Give them a did served break.

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