CHILOBA reveals why Dr. ROSELYN AKOMBE sneaked through Dubai like a thief - Everybody was wrong including JAKOM

..repeat of October 26 presidential polls.

“We had our own internal challenges, Akombe leaving at the critical moment.”

“She had her own views about how she thought elections were going to be managed. Majority of us disagreed with those views,” Chiloba said.

Her leaving, he says served as a wakeup call to the rest of the team which then decided to pull together in order to deliver on their promise to Kenyans.

On October 18th, Akombe fled to New York City citing death threats from unknown Government operatives.

She added that the repeat polls could not have been credible because they were being organized by a ‘much divided commission.’


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  1. akombe is no one in kenyam...just beasty..ugly looking lady...

  2. Roslyn Akombe, may the good Lord have mercy on U wherever you are in New York city. As an ODM or for better a NASA mole in IEBC a majority of hawk eyed Kenyans had been keenly watching your steps even the Sterling role U displayed at the August 8th 2017 election and particularly the presidential dimension of it. No wonder, she had given the wrong impression of the woman chair of IEBC. All the NASA tricks were caught in the bud in the nip of the moment. Although the grand plot between her for IEBC, NASA and the SC did pull off resulting in the nullification of the August 8 election, good lessons were learnt which played a great role in shaping the way the fresh October 26 election process was cautiously managed. The fact that NASA tried all in vain to have the election flop is a clear reflection that it was not interested in the fresh election and had jostled to pull in a negotiated care taker sort of government with it in the center of decision making. The electoral justice that NASA has used to ride on in its failures is only a ploy to save face. As we speak NASA gobbled billions of Jigyjigy's resources with zero return on investment to the extent that it's broke and all efforts to raise funds from the public by way of pay bill on either M-Pesa or Airtel routes have not given a yield their ODM fraternity had envisaged. The economic embargo slapped on few companies and the goods/services they traded in, did not amount to much except the drama of the moment. Excitement and drama is fodder for the NASA base which is in synch with mzee's politics and he thrives best in it. There is nothing tangible to dig deeper about from NASA except for the media presses that show obvious disjointed views of the way forward in finding solace.

  3. "Her Leaving, he says served as a wakeup call to the rest of the team which then decided to pull together in order to deliver on their promise kenya" only a mental retard will believe this crap..

  4. Akombe was a mole for those who bribe desperate people like Raila to wreck havoc in peaceful countries and cause deaths and suffering. She was being used as a bridge to cause turmoil in Kenya. She deliberately gave IEBC Chair a fake form 34C which lead to nullification of the presidential results by the Supreme court. She worked for NASA and when she realized she could not pull through her dirty secrets, she ran away secretly and started shouting from the fence. She wanted Kenyans to lose lives and property. She wanted Kenyans to be slaves of her secret deals. If she was up for any good, she would have stayed in Kenya and continue to work for IEBC. Were it not for her stupid act of giving out the fake form, some Kenyans would not have lost their lives, properties would not have been destroyed. She will hide from Kenyans but she will not hide from God. She will pay for the spilled blood.

  5. How are the Kenyan police faring on the IEBC's Chris Musando's murder case?

  6. Msando was involved in a love triangle... case closed..

  7. The problem was with the bosses in Nairobi. Wanjiku expressed her will at the polling station. People fear opening the ballot boxes and engage everybody in academic exercises. Why not open the boxes and count? So easy!!!
    NASA will have none of that. They are sure or suspect they never won in the first place!!!

  8. Roselyn Akombe was an evil woman and if I am wrong then let us leave the matter in God's hands. She almost succeeded in destroying this country if it were not for God.

  9. Akombe failed by leaving the country in such dilemma. Now i believe that never give such jobs to those with duo citizenship. They careless and may leave the country burning as they fly out. Thanks to my brother Wafula Chebukati who stood when panicking had crippled the entire Nation. No matter what she will want to portray she will remain unpatriotic in my eyes. God indeed just vindicated

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