BABU OWINO might be killed because of postponement of RAILA ODINGA’s swearing in - See what happened to him

..will finally get there,” Owino said.

What he got, however, was some fierce reactions from a section of Kenyans who could barely hide their disappointment in opposition

Here are some comments of NASA supporters

“Am back to my Safaricom line, brookside is back to my house and the rest. Am no longer a supporter of cowards. Raila is very stupid,” Gilbert Musyoka.

“AS a member of NASA/NRM family i feel ashamed, humiliated, wasted and reduced into laughing stock by ths two old clueless scumbags i.e KALONZO AND RAILA… we should accept and move on ,” Trevon Ombija said.

"I can see you are also slowly accepting it’s a done deal. I told you. Raila is finished. Completely. Stop focusing on him. Let a successor rise amongst you and take over. It's the only way. Odingaism is dead. Never to rise again.” Sam Onyango added.


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  1. Can someone tase the roach, please?

  2. Kuja uoshe mitaro ya embakasi kwanza idiot! Nkt

  3. This young thug wants to make Soweto another Kibra.

  4. Raila's kind of politics(self centered, dictatorial, nepotistic,violent and devoid of a profound road map for every Kenyan) was never to take anyone anywhere.
    Then, people cannot idolize a man and his family and expect he will rule God's Nation. Let wise ones learn.
    Babu Owino is academically intelligent but has nothing human about him. He believes in Tibim and Tiarara or Tialala- whatever it is and thought he was delivering the country to those. Kenya cannot be led to Satanic worship and it is also not a university to be messed about by evil goons.
    Babu Owino, umegugumiwa na wengi. Sauti ya wengi ni sauti ya Mungu. Uliambia vijana wafungue Njeri's server na wakafungua. We hope you paid them for a job well done before they die ,since rapists always have a short life.We do not know about their master. We hope you will make it beyond adolescence safe you turn to God.
    We hope Millie Odhiambo too will repent of sins of insulting the country's leader on TV and failing to advise the young adult appropriately. She says she is a devout Seventh Day Adventist and we believe and respect that. The seventh day bible is the Christian one and has no Tibim and tia... whatever. She could also check on what it says about leadership and she is a leader herself. The other day she said we seem to have lost it all and she seems to be the best epitome of that. Millie you were chief justice material but your language, tribal hate, flower girlism, partisanship,manners aaa! Could we see a Milly that uses her smart brain in shaping the destiny of this Nation for all.
    What you practice Millie is not opposition politics but a concoction of other things we do not understand. Weigh yourself against Kuria,then give us more mature politics.You have seen self inflicted madness takes us nowhere. It is about the Nation. Millie, where in the world or even in the village have you seen a person hurl to a siting leader the kind of insults you have repeatedly hurled to the president and why do you think it never happens even if the leaders be weak! Huo ni ushujaa kweli Millie au ni kujipuuza na kujidhulumu hata wewe mwenyewe!
    Guys, we can do better. And this is a nation carrying so many destinies.Guys we can do better.

  5. when old king david was handing over to king Solomon ,he gave him a long list of guys who had embarrassed him including his cousin army general-joab and shemei who had insulted and even called him dog. They paid handsomely for
    their crimes.babu will have to pay for calling prezo motto wa ubwa and millie will also pay for her verbal diarrhea sometime soon-I predict!Prof mwamaka


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