You will be overthrown like a dog! Former TNA boss now tells UHURU to resign; RAILA’s revolution is unstoppable

..revolutions are caused in bits and that the grand return of Raila from US on Friday which made Nairobi a no-go zone was just the beginning.

The former TNA leader warned Uhuru that he will receive a bitter pill should he cling on power and should he be caught in the wake of such a revolt.

“The only thing that I would like to inform and warn my former friend Uhuru Kenyatta is that please beware; revolutions do not come wholesome, revolutions come in piecemeal.”

“And the last person to be served this portion is usually the king and he is always served a very bitter pill,” Oloo said.

“Remember this revolution is being served in doses.”

“If I were you, I would be careful, I would heed to the people's demands," he said amid cheers of approval from NASA supporters.


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  1. Which people is Oloo talking about! Even if you were to succeed, you would do so on a platform of lies, evil, hatred, malice and satanism. So you will not!

  2. luos are the people

  3. Goons for hire. Useless. NRM chief needs to retire immediately. He has become a liability, dictator, evil, mass fanatic tribal inciter, and he thinks he can play reverse psychology on citizens. He lacks insight, and if not, he acts deliberately to cause chaos and violence with ultimate goal of ascending to power through illegal means. Well, let him know that no matter what, he is not above the law. What is he teaching his followers?, that its okey to break the laws. What if he was to become president?, he would play the dictatorship card very well. He therefore should NEVER be allowed to become prezo...NEVER.

  4. Which people are being referred to by Mr. Oloo? with all due respect, please talk about Luos as the people who want to overthrow H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta and not Kenyans. Please say Luos will; not all Kenyans. Be careful the language you use and stop misleading the real Kenyans. Real Kenyans want peace. The Kenyans you are talking about - Luos want chaos and I can assure you that your foreskins will start a fire that they will not be able to put out. Take that to Bank.

  5. dogs always see others as dogs--so oloo .babu owino you always see dogs!You cant mention a word without adding dog,you are bitther coz uhuru used and damped you? [prof mwamaka

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