Where was RUTO’s father when RAILA’s father JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA was fighting for independence?

..likes of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga were fighting colonialists.

“Don't tell us how your father was a peasant. Tell us where he was when Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Jomo Kenyatta, Koitalel Arap Samoei, among others decided to confront the white man.”

“What stopped your father from confronting the colonialists? Certainly not Raila Odinga. Where was your father hiding when the British terrorized this land?" Onyango said.

“You say you are son of a peasant and a servant of God. Then you spend life in power stealing from other peasants and their sons and daughters.”

“Then you use proceeds from the theft as evidence that God blesses children of peasants as if you are the only child of a peasant in a nation where virtually everyone is a child of a peasant. This is sin," he added.


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  1. Sad, is this Denis guy high on something? The DP has credentials and is his own man. History alone is not enough, in any case we got independence almost 60 years ago! Get out out and smell the coffee! We are in a new dispensation.
    Tell me Denis, so Raila fought for the second liberation? Is it not enough reward that we are free? What he has no development track record?

  2. If my history serves me well, I have not read anything anywhere showing that Jaramogi fought the whites. He was a darling of the Whites and that is why they wanted him declared President when Jomo and others were in prison but being a coward and lacking skills to govern, he declined.

  3. Jaramogi was being used by the whites to take over before Kenyatta left prison so he could be a puppet. He was warned that Mau Mau would kill him and he decided to play act as Kenyatta's friend and he last only.Ochieng Oneko was the Guy who introduced this communist to Kenyatta and just like Wamalwa and Raila, He lived to regret it when Jaramogi in Character stubbed him on the back.

  4. Cheap minds like that of Denis Onyango will lead us nowhere. Style up.You can not be following somebody who leads you nowhere. Raila is doomed to fail.Let Raila first show us what he did to Kibera residence for 25 years as the MP.Seemly Mafi imecha kwa kichwa chako bwana

  5. Jaramogi did not fight the colonialists. He wanted nusu mukate like his son.
    For your information Koitalel Samoe was DPs grand father.
    don't distort history.
    All Talai clan were displaced by colonialists and collaborators like Jaramogi.
    Think of it eventually the railway went where and who welcomed the colonialists with song and dance at port Florence?
    Read your history well. we Talai do not brag we see far and determine some things sometimes.

  6. Onyango should stop distorting history. There is no way that you can equate Samoei's struggle with any of the others. His was the real resistance to colonialism right from the word go whereas the Odingas and the Onyattoes were signing and ceding off land to the Wabeberu. So maybe you need to cut some slag to the present day Samoei, the DPP and show some respect. His parents/grandparents paid a heftier price in real terms by resisting from 1885 -1905.

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