We will swear in RAILA when he returns or we will secede and leave KIKUYUs/ KALENJINs in their own country

..able to initiate multi partyism during Moi's era and therefore a secession would be a walkover for him.

He asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee to be ready for either a Raila Presidency or secession.

“One of resolutions in the motions passed in the county assemblies says someone elected by 30 per cent of voters cannot be recognized as the President.”

“Stand up firm for your right by saying enough is enough. We must reach Canaan," Orengo maintained.


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  1. i used to think education alone can make a man- not anymore!orengo needs to face the knife first to enable his chicken brains think straight.

  2. go a head mister big eyes

  3. Enter your comment...Senator Orengo is misleading his small godfather. He told him to boycott elections, he was outwitted when Kenyans voted their beloved God chosen leader. Now, he is mis advising the elderly man that they can swear him. Surelly, which law is he following. IEBC was fair to him when declared Senator, but declaring president results becomes sham, according to the learned friend. Shame n hypocraties..

  4. So Raila wants to liberate himself from his fixed mind the he must be president by any means. Raila please stop cheating Kenyans that you are fighting for them. The plain true is that you are fighting for yourself to free yourself from the obsession of becoming president. From now henceforth Raila please stop saying Kenyans will not accept this and that ---. Be saying I Raila will not accept this and that ---.

  5. The Preamble of the 2010 Constitution states '------ and determined to live to live in peace and unity as ONE INDIVISIBLE SOVEREIGN NATION'. So where is this story of secession coming from yet NASA team says they are following the constitution?

  6. I think this luos are mad. They keep clustering west pokot, trans nzoia, narok and kajiado in their stupid succession madness. Let them try and see fire they have never seen before

  7. There are many mad men in Kenya indeed.

    I would expect a person of Orengo's calibre to be more sensible. But alas!! you listen to him and wonder he ever attended any school leave alone law school.

    One can only become president through the ballot not by force. He misadvised his baba to boycott elections thinking that the country would follow suite. We cannot allow a president who has not been elected. It will never happen. You can take this to the bank.

  8. Those who know about secession should know that it does not happen without unnecessary shedding of innocent blood. In other words these people are calling for way forgetting that if war erupts every one will be affected adversely.

    But anyway all this talk is only because Baba has not and will never be elected president of Kenya. Do we really need to waste and destroy out country just to make baba president??

    What we are forgetting is that you cannot become president if God says otherwise. Let us not forget that leadership is ordained by the Almighty. It is that simple.

  9. I am not buying this issue of Orengo and Raila presidency swearing in. The bigger picture is inheritance of the Luo nation after RAO. Dont you pple see this coming? Between the yelling crowd, we have the not so diplomatic James Orengo aka 'Ndugu Oduori Kenga' and the diplomat, well spoken and articulate former ombdusman Mr Otiende Amolo. (a very polished, level headed lawyer)all fighting from the centre of Luo nation. Go go gentlemen. The field is wide open

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