UHURU says he will be the President of all Kenyans! Even LUOs and KAMBAs who never voted for him in October!

..those who did not, that he will be President of all Kenyans,”’ Esipisu said.

Esipisu also said that the President is particularly troubled by the violence and disorder we have seen in parts of the country these last few months.

“He deeply regrets that we lost Kenyans to this violence.”

“He mourns every life lost in the senseless riots.”

“No Kenyan should die because of their political leaning,” he said.

However, the spokesman maintained that the President will continue protecting lives and properties of Kenyans as enshrined in the constitution.


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  1. That blood is on Raila's hands. He pushes people's children to the roads and tells them to fight the police. Should the police just stand to be stoned or should they be reduced to the helplessness of using stones too? How are police supposed to counter such lethal groups sent by Raila so that he can collect statistics and repeat his pet statement, "The whole world can see". Raila should know that the world will not sort out our problems, we will. And the problem anyway, is just that he has not clinched presidency, his only goal and fantasy in life above everything else. Kenya is suffering his bitterness. Unfortunately, he has managed to a good extent to capitalize on our ordinary and solvable problems to convince a number that he is the solution. Records speak for themselves though.
    Shetani atasalimu amri tu na Mungu aitumie nchi hii atakavyo.Mwisho wa mwisho.

  2. the saddest thing is that he is spiritually inclined to demonic forces so he doesn't feel anything when people are killed or killing in his name. he thrives in chaos and disorderliness. this time around he had a trap for Uhuru and Ruto well planned to take them to Hague so he can rule without Opposition but praise be to God who gave uhuru restrain and calmness that he didn't react in rage so they both escaped the accusation. The end of it is Gods judgement on him and its coming with fury.

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