UHURU/ RUTO are in deep trouble as RAILA ODINGA is to address US Congress over the crisis in Kenya

…record straight about the political crisis in the country.

"'Mr Kenyatta can have the crown but we will not let him have the power,” Wetangula said adding that the President is trying to destroy democracy in the country. 

Mr Wetang’ula said he will, later during the week, head to the European Union to support the NASA cause.

News of Raila Odinga's trip to the US came as the opposition coalition announced it will step up a civil disobedience campaign across the country starting from Sunday to push for reforms.


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  1. if he actually addreeses so called congress about Kenya then Uhuruto shud at once recall our ambassador and close usa embassy in kenya...

  2. raiya raira can go where he wants but to address so called muzungus in congress on kenya issues yet not one elected by kenyans requires diplomatic relation stopping same day........

  3. Kenya is not administered from anywhere on earth apart from home. Going to tell the wazungu is of no significance neither consequential. His clamor for power is now clear to the world. Go tell Raila, run.

  4. lone has clarified RAO will not address congress

  5. No worry let Raila address the Congress. He is going to embarrass himself during the address for he will be asked hard questions and mumble some unintelligent answers since he is not quick thinker and does not know how to red the psychology of the people asking the questions.

  6. Huyu mtu niliskia walijivungia ofisi moja ya jijini na mkumbwa for masaa sita, je alikuwa akifanya nini kama si negociation za kuhongwa,akahongwa? Was it last year? Siomuzuri huyu pia. Wakenya sio wajinga siku hizi, and they don't forget

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