This is why London has started funding RAILA ODINGA and his resistance! UHURU is going home like it or not

..UK held a fundraiser in aid of the post election violence victims who were shot by the police and are now languishing in misery in hospitals.

Over the weekend, NASA supporters in the UK held a fundraiser at St. Mary’s Church Hall to help settle medical costs for Raila’s supporters who were injured during anti-IEBC protests.

“A few officials just held an impromptu meeting to raise funds to support families of victims of police brutality in Kisumu.”

“They need treatment so we raised 134, 000 to support them,” said Abdi Ali, the coordinator of NASA movement in UK.

“We must raise more money to help the desperate situation in NASA strongholds,” he added.


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  1. Raila / NASA = NRM = DECEITS / DEBTS. Best of luck in the new scam. George Sorose is done with Raila after scaming him over ksh.2 Billions. The followers will fall off the wagon one by one before the moment come to a halting Grinch at Bondo.

  2. Mkundu sio mdomo. Ati 134k is something to make to luos headlines. Sonko actually assisted by 250k. Mkundu mkubwa amechanga nini kwa paybill

  3. These are jokers. What can 134k do. They'll topuo where George Soris left in funding their baba. He have never bothered to help any of those whovever suffered every time he gave them stonesvto throw at armed corps. Therefore no need of pretending that London is fundraining for the victims coz their baba never bothered over the decades he have been using them as his guinea pigs in his quest to forcifully take Kenyan presudency. Why unsinuate London??. Say "Luos in London".

  4. Tibim and Tialala must come down to shame in this GOD'S NATION.
    All lies,hatred and malice and propaganda are coming down soon.
    The problems in Kenya are ordinary national small problems impregnated by Raila so he can ride on them to presidency.
    We refuse that paid goons.indoctrinated politicians and incited small section of Kenya shall be quoted to mean 'Kenyans'. Kenya is one and shall remain one under God JEHOVAH-not Tibim and Tialala.

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