The People’s ‘President’ RAILA ODINGA survives an assassination attempt while leaving JKIA (Here are PHOTOs)

..crack on the windshield of the UK made car.

Here is what NASA posted.

“Hon. Raila Odinga has survived an attempt on his life while driving into town from JKIA, following his arrival from the US this morning. Fortunately he and all co-passengers are well owing to his state-of-the-art bullet-proof car”

Here are photos of the bullet hole and the bullet casing.


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  1. Fake orchestrated news. Who in Kenya does not Know Raila has a bullet proof car? More propaganda and lies to take to "prefect"-MZUNGU.
    If anything like that happened, it was done by NASA to achieve sensational news for international media and politics.Kenyan forces know that car is bullet proof and wouldn't waste a bullet on it. Pharaoh Hitler Amin Mobutu Mugabe Raila will be dealt with by JEHOVAH. He needs to let Kenyans, Luos and Kibera go.
    The fiction he calls lectures at foreign lands platforms withy no statistics or verification will never get him anywhere. Even his father new.The guy tried to wrench Ford Kenya chairmanship from his father, thinking that would give him presidency instead of his own father. A cursed "democrat" without a course but self.

  2. Fake news. Is this how low some people can get to make mirage? And they talk of having better brains which is just BS.

  3. Who really in their right mind would want anything to do with this mganga? We know God will deal with him.

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