The European Union tells UHURU what to do to RAILA ODINGA now that he has ‘won’ the repeat elections

..electoral processes be addressed through judicial channels for legally-mandated remedy.”

“The courts and the IEBC be given full opportunity to work independently and without undue pressure," Schaake said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Political leaders urgently engage in dialogue to identify ways forward, including addressing longer-term electoral reform issues to prevent problems evident in this election occurring again to the detriment of the nation," Schaake added.

The EU boss concluded by saying that there was a significant improvement from how the IEBC conducted the August 8th General Elections and how it conducted the October 26th repeat elections.


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  1. Talks are now in parliament, senate and county assemblies....anything else tell h. Clinton to seek bulldozer meeting...

  2. dialogue ended on 26th ni kazi...

  3. UHURUTO mukinjaribu kuonyesa uyo jamaa ni muhimu muongee naye.....basi bye jo 2022..

  4. tell spain gava to talk to catalonia separitists and laugh with them.....tell london to talk to scotland and shelve indepedence.m.

  5. Tell that lady to resolve the deluge in her country then come to tell us what we should do with the opposition.

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