SHOCK as RAILA ODINGA absolves MUNGIKI from the Baba Dogo killings and reveals the real killers

..the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto.

“Mungiki didn’t kill our people.”

“The killing was done by State agents,” Raila said.

The NASA leader called on the international community to intervene and stop Uhuru/ Ruto from killing innocent Kenyans in order to stay in power.

“We are dealing with people who have been to the International Criminal Court (ICC) the other day and they want to take us back there,” he said.

Nonetheless, he urged his supporters to remain calm and not retaliate.


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  1. Excuse me Sir, speak the truth. Wherever killings were done, please note that State was not involved nor Mungiki. We never wait to be funded in order to protect ourselves from your goons. We protect ourselves at all cost. Also note that we are always provoked. What do you expect when your goods burn down businesses especially the Forward Travellers Matatu that was burned down along jogoo road. Why are you silent about it and all the chicken that were looted along the same Jogoo road and business premises burned down?

  2. Baba just retire and anoint your replacement to Nyanza politics.

    The SCOK has spoken-twice; on 1st Sept UhuRuto cried all the way to the repeat ballot, now it is your turn to cry all the way to Bondo. Whoever advised you to skip the repeat poll ordered by SCOK did you a diservice and messed you up good and proper.

    A novice lawyer would have told you the court was not gonna hand you a second repeat poll after you arrogantly walked away from the first regardless of the challenges.

    You could have stood a far better chance to participate and then challenge it again if problems were noted. Maraga had indeed stated as much that he would nullify it if the same irregularities and illegalities were repeated.

    Now you are left high and dry, a lame duck. Just heal your thoroughly bruised ego and move on. Your co-principals are just about to scatter into the four corners of the political wind. Too bad you just spawned lots of political orphans who better find a new song fast if they hope to remain relevant.

    Baba si tuonane mtaani majaliwa?

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