See what TRUMP told RAILA ODINGA to come and do to UHURU/ RUTO - This will change history forever!

..the third and final liberation of Kenya, saying the US is fully behind him.

“I came from America with good news.”

“They sent me to change this regime and that’s why we are launching the 3rd Republic of Kenya today,” Raila Odinga.

“Uhuru must fall and the revolution has started,” he added.

The NASA leader promised to disclose more details from his American trip in the coming days.


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  1. Trump and who? Wacha zako wewe? Since when did former ambassadors Belamy and the cosequences jonnie carsson become Trump's messengers? Trump has no time for a looser in fact a serial looser.Period.

  2. Unbelievable.

  3. What is wrong with Raila's head! Good news that Americans have sent him to come and make a regime change. Who or what are Americans! We also send Raila back with other good news to go tell Americans to change regime. Yes. We are equal citizens of this earth.Who elected,selected or imposed prefects?
    One other thing Raila needs to do besides peeling himself of dictatorship, tribalism, nepotism, egoist-ism,hatred, malice,jealousy greed,corruption amongst others,is to decolonize
    his mind.
    Let him stop holding this country hostage under pretense that there is is so much wrong with governance. He scores poorly in all the years he has been in senior government positions and mainstream politics.Little to show for that.
    He had better be accepting he is at end of end and though God unto himself and opiated followers,he is not our GOD in Kenya.

  4. Hiyo nikama Munyambo wa punda baabda ya kula SAMAKI aina ya omena, bure kabisa kama mavi ya PUNDA, PERENNIAL LOSER.

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