See what is happening inside MARAGA’s and MWILU’s offices - This is worse than Koinange madness at night

..the High Court in election petitions throughout the country..”

“.tens of millions exchanging hands...and the judicial Service Commission(JSC) is silent doing disgrace..,'' Ahmednasir wrote.

Maraga, who is the head of the JSC, is still silent on these allegations despite glaring evidence on how some Judges are being bribed at night to rule in favour of the criminals.

Ahmednasir said National Intelligence Service (NIS) has evidence of how Judges are being bribed like those ladies on Koinange Street.


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  1. Cj and other judges shud go after the Prezo is shown in.
    Never again in Kenya shud 7 people decide against 15 million Kenyans like one that voted on 8th August and 7.5m that voted on 26th October.

  2. 1. Do the same NSIS have evidence that Jubilee bribed a number of IEBC commissioners to alter the 8/8 results?

    DO NSIS have evidence that the Uhuruto bribed a jidges to stay away from courts on Nov 25th?

  3. When Jubilee bribes you keep quiet but when others do you blow whistles. STUPID and CURSED KIKUYUS! I HATE HATE HATE YOU ALL with passion.

  4. anon 5:04 it is you haters whose mothers wasted their time going to bed to fuck and bring up jigger brains like you. cursed failures and losers.

  5. Goons from the lakeside got a problem. Hic has paralysed their thinking.

  6. tangaza tu ati uhuru wanahongana ili walete udictatorship washindwe

  7. You can also go for the bribe or you were denied?

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