See how THERESA MAY’s Govt embarrassed JOHO/ KINGI during a meeting with secession calls

..plans by the two NASA Governors noting that the push for self-determination would plunge the region into chaos.

“From our perspective, it is not helpful to talk about secession.”

“The rhetoric may raise tension rather than calm it down,” Hailey stated.

“The country must have genuine conversation that will lead to improved development and prosperity,” he added.


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  1. Watu wa madawa na wanawake wengi malaya wameambiwa ukweli..m

  2. D+ gavana ata hanjui kupiga choo flash.....

  3. EU good you ignored lazy ,corrupt,and mdomo mtupu gavanas the truth.... Voast ni Kenya.

  4. What can coast do at their own.People from coast should be focused and do away with selfish power mongers.

  5. Mijikenda Amkeni!! To be Coronated as a real Sultan, he is making deals with Arabs to have Mombasa as an Islamic State and you will end up being enslaved and sold to the Arabs. Make deal's with the devil and see what happens. WAKE UP!!

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