See the drama that unfolded during debate on RAILA’s People Assembly in Bungoma! This was a first

...sought to, among other things, delegitimize Uhuru Kenyatta’s Presidency.

The Jubilee MCAs staged a mass walkout from the chambers saying they did not want to be part of the process that will not recognize Uhuru as the winner of the October 26th repeat Presidential elections.

However, the walk out was inconsequential as NASA enjoys majority of the MCAs in Bungoma with Ford Kenya having 18 members while ODM has 7.

The motion was passed unanimously by those present.


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  1. So NASA should not complain of Jubilee's tyran of numbers in the National assembly and the Senate.

  2. Passing the motion is inconsquential. What should be debated now is seccession of the four Luo Nyanza counties which did not vote.

  3. The four showed that they want to chart their own destiny by secceeding from the rest of Kenya.

  4. @Nduta, you get it wrong...its not only Luo Nyanza but the entire NRM Stronghold!!

  5. The 4 counties of nyanza can go to uganda museveni does not know human rights and raila will be kabaka wa jaruo

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