Save money! Here’s where you buy cheap quality commodities in Nairobi, Share widely.

1. Cereals – Get them in Nyamakima in that kichochoro for Molo matatus. Groundnuts from the market cost Sh190 per kilo, but at Nyamakima they are Sh110. You can also get apples and other fruits at a good price.

2. Diapers and bar soap – OTC. The kichochoro between Tuskys and Equity.

3. Chemicals for homemade detergent, bleach, fabric softener, disinfectant – OTC, the building with Tuskys, go upstairs, first floor. They will even explain how to mix them.

4. Bulk shopping – If you can manage to go to Kawangware or Eastleigh, you will save a lot. In Kawangware, go to Samrose in the market. Alight at Mlango Soko, then at Cooperative Bank, go down and turn at the first right turn, walk about 20 metres and you will find SamRose. Go with a list, they will give you the prices. If you are buying things for a shop, they deliver. Alternatively, you can turn left and walk a bit for like 100 metres where you will find many wholesale shops including FairPrice. Also look out for Israel. In Eastleigh, as you walk towards the Catholic Church or if you are coming from Pangani, just after you take the right turn to enter Eastleigh, you will see the Marie Stopes sign board, the shops start there. If you are an uptown girl, on the upper side of Biashara Street just before you join Koinange Street there is a Muhindi shop that sells groceries at wholesale prices. It’s opposite Yala Towers. He also has storage and garbage bags at a good price.

5. Beauty products and jewellery – Perida Centre, Dubois Road, and basically Dubois Road.

6. Vegetables – Marikiti and Gikomba. Bunch of spinach @ Sh15, bunch of sukuma wiki @Sh10, terere @15, manage @20, 6 tomatoes @10, onions @ 1 bob, 4 maize cobs @20, etc, especially outside Marikiti.

7. Vegetables for those who live in Eastlands – Go to Korogosho market early on Wednesday or Saturday mornings. It is at the Dandora, Kariobangi roundabout. Buy carrots, peas, potatoes and onions from the lorries; it is cheaper than inside the market.

8. Meat – Ndonyo Market Dagoretti for Sh280 a kilo. Burma Sh200 to Sh250 a kilo.

9. Fish and chicken kienyeji – Gikomba. When you get to Gikomba, ask for the place where fish is sold. It’s a whole building opposite where newborn clothes are sold. It’s on the right as you walk towards the market.

10. Fish – Alpha Foods, Road A, Enterprise Road, you’ll get 40 pieces of tilapia @Sh1700. They close by 4pm. The boda boda guys can direct you.

11. Wine/alcohol – Opposite Kensilver matatus on Dubois Road, there is a club with better prices than Mwalimu on Mfangano Street. Also check Accra Road where the 2NK matatus are in the hawkers market building, go to 3rd floor there are many wholesale shops there.

12. Utensils – Kamukunji. Kamukunji is those sides as you head towards Machakos Bus Station.

13. Prescribed medication – Try Transchem next to the bike shop above or the Transchem ooposite Afya Centre. There is also another chemist near the number 4 matatus, where the hardware shops are. Sinai Chemist at the Nairobi Textiles building is cheaper than Transchem. It is at the intersection where the Kenya Mpya buses queue, opposite a building under construction, surrounded by iron sheets (mabati). Accra Road also has a stretch of affordable chemists.

14. Panties and bras – At the junction of Accra Road and River Road, directly opposite Kobil Petrol Station, there is a small corridor where panties and bras are sold. The quality is better than Kamukunji and cheaper than Mombasa Rest House on River Road. You can also buy kids’ vests, bikers, boob tops and tummy trimmers there.

15. Shoes (heels, flats, sandals and sports). Get these at Bus Station in those vibandas facing matatus for Mater/South B. They range in price from Sh300 to Sh1,000. You can also get nice sweaters and jackets there. Also check Toi Market and those near Thika try KIANDUTU
16. Shoes for women with wide feet – Bus Station the upper side where vegetables are sold, just near that path that leads to Mfangano Street. There are guys who sell nice second-hand Clarks and Nine West official shoes and boots for Sh800 to Sh1200. They also have rubber shoes and loafers.

17. Heels at a much better price than Backyard Shoez (e.g Forever 21 @Sh2K). Go to Emirates Collection on Tom Mboya Street.

18. Doll shoes – Kamukunji.

19. Bata Toughees/Bata Bullets – At the…

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  1. cheap at what cost? fraudster products without paying custom duty taxes.

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