Reuters exposes UHURU/ RUTO and reveals what their Govt did to Supreme Court Judges last week

Wednesday November 1, 2017 - The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta has been accused of denying the Supreme Court judges’ security after the shooting of Deputy Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu, prompting them to refuse to appear in court to hold a hearing that could have delayed the October 26th repeat Presidential elections.

This was revealed by international media, Reuters, which claimed that a senior judicial officer disclosed to them that Uhuru’s Government rejected the Judges’ request to improve their security after Mwilu’s bodyguard was shot.

This comes even as...

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  1. NCCK of Kenya's assertion that a post of premier be created to accommodate Mr. Odinga is a crippling, subservient and peripherally an impotent idea. It's a fallacy! Mr. Odinga is fighting against electoral authoritarianism, tribalism and corruption. He's not a power struggler. NCCK is satanic outfit whose characteristic in manipulation of sadaka is akin to Kenya government's runaway graft. What Mr. Odinga needs to do is 1. Grab the presidency by force 2. Arrest Uhuru, Ruto, Mama Ngina, Ruto's mother, Uhuru's and Ruto's wives, children, cousins etc and give them 25 to life sentence in a newly constructed correctional facility either in Ringiti or Migingo Islands. 3. Finally, constitute an institutional facade of well balanced regional demarcation that would ensure the annexation of Central Kenya and North and South Rift regions to be either donated to Tanzania or form their own country that can stand thugs. NCCK may also join their friends in Tanzania if they wish!

  2. Senior for a man who has earned his stripes home and beyond by design and even default,near-mythical and exhibiting infallibility for decades now,enigmatic and devout to humanity yesterdays presser felt to me lethargic,insipid,dour,uninspired and oldschool you don't show this raggamuffins too much respect like first of Seniors did yesterday.Its not my place to try unravel the mystery that is Baba but that was maybe just maybe a way of exiting the stage with honour.Love and affection has always been the death of duty/revolutions,over to you Senior

  3. Let them crawl back where they came from. Pretenders. Where were are they when we are being profiled by the government? Tumbocrats wametumwa to gauge our reaction

  4. Raila cannot be given remains under the take every time like a prodigal son, he deserves to be the king! Gone are the days for negotiations to coranet uhuru as president. It's time for Raila to sit on his rightful seat for once without compromise then deal with all the thieves ASAP!

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