Reuters exposes UHURU/ RUTO and reveals what their Govt did to Supreme Court Judges last week

...the Interior Ministry told the same Reuters that the Judges’ security had been beefed up after the shooting incident.

The Government dismissed the shooting of Mwilu’s bodyguard as normal robbery.

They insisted that it was not an attempted assassination as had been peddled; a move that angered and scared judges from show up for the hearing.

“In Kenya, ordinary criminals don’t attack Government vehicles driven by armed Government agents who know how to shoot,” the source told Reuters.


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  1. reuters are george soro funded and thus on raira side.....
    Can they tell world who kill hundereds of black americans every year and no justice is done......obviously it usa police..

  2. Shit shit from reutors and mzungu sudu mero...

  3. wanalamva uundu ya raira jinga hizi...

  4. mzungu wacha kuleya nyege zenu nairobi na uongo....

  5. who believe wakoloni.....200were killed recently in usa last ex soldier thatwas denied medical and other things...

  6. 200 people were killed in usa usa safe....never will be..

  7. Chicago and ny are big cities with highest gun killers/deaths in world.....even somalia is doing better....

  8. When i grow up i will go to usa...what! Those dreams faded after recession......china i come

  9. How does shooting here relate to USA. You guys are morons. Without any investigation GOK already knew the shooting was an ordinary robbery!!! Kings kabisa!!!!

  10. Looks like the same idiot wrote all the above comments.

  11. jubilee moles you do not want to listen to any dissenting views shame on you bwana... this was purely intimidation act of the government.

  12. Raila cannot be given remains under the take every time like a prodigal son, he deserves to be the king! Gone are the days for negotiations to coranet uhuru as president. It's time for Raila to sit on his rightful seat for once without compromise then deal with all the thieves ASAP!

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