RAILA’s Spokesman, DENNIS ONYANGO, reveals how Kenya will look like going forward - This is bad

..social media, Onyango told off the likes of billionaire businessmsn Chris Kirubi, Vimal Shah and Patrick Obath for crying foul over losses of business prior to and after the highly contested October 26 repeat Presidential election.

He said what is coming is far much worse.

He told the three businessmen to prepare for more business loss because the age of normalcy and innocence is over in Kenya.

“This country is going where Congo went when the West decided that Mobutu Seseseko was better than Patrice Lumumba.”

“Like Congo after Lumumba, Kenya will never be the same again.”

“Business losses will be the new normal," said Onyango.


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  1. those are threats meant to scare the rich to plead with uhuru to agree to dialogue. Nrm does not have capacity to derail development in Kenya. it reminds me of the kijeketile's majimaji rebellion of Tanganyika or the latter kony's sister alice lakwena's HOLY SPIRIT REBBELION using stones believing they would turn into hand grenades and the bullets would melt on hitting them, museveni had never had such a ride over a rebellion! tell baba to try and this time he will regret as he regretted yesterday over the media fiasco!

  2. This is an Idiot speaking. That man has no morals.

  3. east african spectre company will gas and gas cylinders to who. Please tell RAo to open a bank, petrol station, supermarket et..al. This is what your tyranny of brains should be doing. you guys are more griefed than the bereaved RAO.

  4. the evil plans of onyango will destroy him and his people. we defeat that unclean spirit speaking in him!!!!

  5. soon onyango you will regret this.i promise

  6. Your evil schemes will be defeated in JESUS MIGHTY NAME

  7. Onyango, we are all ears. We are listening. Nairobi Business Community, you better brace yourselves for the worst. But I can promise Onyango that he will regret this. It is a promise.

  8. People like you with stone age mentality are making Kenya as a country fail to realize its full developmental potential.

    You are following RAO blindly but of late you have not realized that every move he makes points to a man that is slowly but surely becoming senile and quickly gravitating towards insanity.

    We appreciate that he has bravely fought for democracy but time has come for him to hung his boots and retire peacefully in Bondo or wherever he chooses. But unfortunately there are those like this guy who believe that RAO is a god.

    Please give us a break. We cannot as a country do politics from 1st January to 31st December like we have nothing better in this world to do.

    That is the reason why those who wanted to move on with life voted on 26th October. Those who refused they are free to be left behind as the country moves on. They can mourn for as long as they want but Kenya has to move... you can cry a river if you will but that will not change anything.. smell the coffee and move on.

  9. Baba you are misleading our brothers and sisters from Luo Nyanza.

    The fact that they refused to vote thinking that that would affect the elections only for the elections to proceed in other parts of the country and results to be declared without their input should have sent a very strong messange to our brothers and sisters from Luo Nyanza.

    That the country is willing to accommodate them but if they become "vichwa ngumu" the country will still move on without them- this sould be a very strong message to these people. If they want to remain behind and in the past, no will cares, let them follows this old and confused mzee called RAO who has not developmental agenda for his people and country at large. All he wants is to be president bt whatever costs...

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