RAILA, you are destroying our economy! KAM says as it condemns RAILA ODINGA over his product boycott plan

..journalists on Saturday, KAM chairperson, Flora Mutahi, condemned the move and said it will hurt the economy more.

"The opposition action is saddening.”

“We are very disappointed that it had to come to this," Mutahi said.

She also warned that calls to 'blacklist' some companies would negatively affect the economy which has already sunk due to the prolonged electioneering period.

"Companies should be left out of politics because we are not political players.”

“The calls will result in loss of jobs and damage the economy," she said.


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  1. Stop panicking for nothing. He hasn't anything yet even the price of the 'nunu' will not go up neither gone down.

  2. Enter your comment...This backwardness should never be accepted in these age.p

  3. I used think NASA was a viable alternative to the ruling entities but after this lunatic idea of boycotting firms perceived to be pro rulers, I am no longer so sure. I am also boycotting their ideas going forward until they wake up and smell the cofee and begin to thing with their heads and not their behinds. These are simply saboteurs! What if their opponents also come up with a list of their own, to include spectre, Some oild firms i know and even Omena and Mama Oliech reec? Remember they know who owns what and can press their supporters to also hit back. Whose brainy idea was this anyway, the diminutive learned Orongo guy? You bet!

  4. Mutahi, why are you soo scared? if they wont use your products then dont employ them.

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