RAILA spills beans in the US! See what UHURU/ RUTO did to DCJ PHILOMENA MWILU and other SC judges

Friday, November 10, 2017 - National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has disclosed that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Government have been intimidating judges to achieve their objective of staying in power illegally.

While issuing an address at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) headquarters in Washington, Raila revealed that the Supreme Court judges were threatened and intimidated before they could hear a case whether the October 26th repeat Presidential election could proceed.

This is what..

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  1. the supreme court judges know very well that joho forged his kcse cert and that in real sence he has not been to any university but has only used trickery to cancellation of his degree. they know very well that somebody who can forge a school cert will forge anything yet the main affidavit on which they relied to overturn the 8th aug election was sworn by nyangusi oduwo who is purported to be joho's economic adviser, and this alone should have alerted the judges that all the evidence was nothing but forgery. even a 10 year kid would know that any document prepared by someone calling himself joho's adviser is forgery/ the supreme court owe kenyans a lot of explanation on this case.

  2. Which beans other than the usual crying baby staff? It's that curse from own dad/devil worshiping.

  3. Raila odinga also has no degree. The college he attended only became a university recently. Lets talk truth and integrity. No short cuts anymore money or pauper.

  4. Open the servers

  5. servers za akombe....simeoza.

  6. This is a miscarriage of justice when the case is being discussed by commentators with the hope of influencing judges. How the CJ looks comfortable with this trial by media is just amazing. Only in Kenya. To restore faith is=n this court - Justice must be done and be seen to be done. Nothing less.

  7. This family has held the luos hostage for 55 years (why? is the question). Guys from Luo Nyanza region, don't you in all honesty have other men and women capable of leading you other than this evil, dictator, corrupt, selfish guy from this cursed family????

  8. Server, server, server kitu gani. What server do you keep singing about? Server ilivunduliwa kitaaambo...stop living in denial, open your eyes.

  9. All his evil deeds/plans/actions always backfires! Citizens are very intelligent nowadays...everyone can analyze and deduce. Things don't just happen as they seem.

  10. ata he spills begu imeoza kwa malaya..no one cares

  11. This 2 thieves will finish this country,they attack judges,force their strongholds to vote through their gullible mungiki militia and kill their governors if they don't comply

  12. Anon 22:49 Raila has no Development Record, Aliwacha Flying Toilets Kibra after eating CDF

  13. Old mzee...sasa anataka nini?? Kiti...nusu bread...Ng'o ng'o hapati. Nisubua tu...shindwe kabisa

  14. Really ukinidilit ntakudownload, favour you supreme judgements. Kula rahaa kwa maharagwe.

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