RAILA spills beans in the US! See what UHURU/ RUTO did to DCJ PHILOMENA MWILU and other SC judges

..caused the lack of quorum during the hearing and eventually leading to the postponement of the case and in the process allowing the flawed election to take place.

The NASA leader cited the shooting of Deputy Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu’s bodyguard a day to the hearing of the case as one such intimidation tactic.

“The Supreme Court was prevented from hearing the case on whether the elections were to be held.”

“After the bodyguard of the Deputy Chief Justice was shot, the other judges did not feel safe and their request for enhanced security was declined,” Raila said.


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  1. Raila is a desperate pathological lier. Who does not know that Mwilu's bodyguard was shot at by a Raila follower .He will always do bizzaire things so as to create accusation against others for the white man's sympathy. He takes advantage of foreigners because he is shameless.

  2. babu plans backfired...wanted no elections since not prepared broke and obvious a loser..

  3. now scok tuk all monies from some people to annul bu their objective of getting power is never going to happen...

  4. so what...kupayuka...is all he know while so called Sir Obama cousin did nothing tangible to uplift living of jaluos in dala and in ghettos...

  5. He is a pathological liar, by now everyone knows him for who he is. He and his group should be ashamed of themselves for using the poor to gain political mileage. He is the most corrupt, living in his comfortable Karen home while the poor next door kibra fights his battles. He needs to be taken to Hague for these crimes...against humanity.

  6. What a desperate old man? He should know that after all this time he's been in power in various capacities even a PM, he now has nothing meaningful left to offer. He should retire.

  7. You are the desperados forcing Baba's name on ballot and ohunye even taking him to court on it and announcing vote results as if he was competing with ohunye when we all know he was competing with himself. Shame

  8. You are the desperados. Your desperation is now at fever pitch forcing you to resort lies and abuse but its not helping your cause. Now even some okuyu are joining Nasa

  9. Raila has No Numbers in Senate or Parliament, Will Trump use Tomahawk Missiles or Nuclear Weapons to impose Him on Kenyans?

  10. I thought that shooting happened after elections???

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