RAILA ODINGA now reveals MARAGA may uphold UHURU/ RUTO’s fraudulent victory - He can’t be trusted

..people overwhelmingly gave him a red card by refusing to turn out to vote on the material day.

However, Raila vowed never to recognize Uhuru as President even if the Supreme Court upholds his victory.

Speaking during that interview, Raila maintained that there was no election on October 26th saying what happened on that day was a Jubilee opinion poll and a coronation ceremony for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“It does not matter if Supreme Court upholds Uhuru’s win, I will still not recognize him as President,” Raila stated.


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  1. Stay away

  2. Raila speaking to a Congress woman I presume. It's for Kenyans to recognise Uhuru, not Raila. Your non acceptance is of no consequence.

  3. Raila is the greatest oppressor that ever lived in history. He makes Luos relate to him as a GOD and whoever doesn't has no place in that community.

    He uses confused Luo mobs to create forum and statistics for 'dead'so as to shout 'Kenyans have said'.
    He recently denied his followers a very fundamental right-casting their ballots by introducing violence and intimidation at his strongholds.
    Today, no Kenyan is able to live normally because all is moving at Raila's behest. "Raila wants, Raila has said,Raila has refused, Raila has sworn...etc.
    We are all(including his followers) under this man's captivity. The rest of the world needs to liberate us Kenyans from Raila.
    US, Britain and others, study everything carefully and see we are under the mercies of a deranged selfish man and come to our rescue. He has caused so much bloodshed here since the 80's and making this country stagnate, just as he is retrogressive ,yet very rich.

  4. Makau Mutua similar refusal has not changed an iota of the constitution neither has it stopped Obama, Magufuli, Museveni, Kagame, Merkel, Macron, Trump, Zuma address Uhuru Kenyatta as Mr. President. Beauty of democracy! I also don't believe RAO has played a great role in fighting for democracy! Jaramogi maybe!

  5. Raila is the biggest enemy of our country Kenya. He has tried all methods to mess up this country ie trigger civil war, atempted to overthrow the government in 1982 leaving scores dead,others maimed and property destroyed. He almost burnt our country to the ground in 2007 fixing the president and the deputy at the ICC so that he can have a field day.The country now has gone to elections for two times after he disputed results and still want us to go a third round. He is a so insesitive and doest seem to care the direction the country takes. Now he has mobiliszed his sycophants for an economic boycott. In vain, he has used some crooked foreigners visited some powerful witches all over the world to help him capture capture power. He ought to know that to capture presidency, he has to go through the ballot but not through Mzungus and witches. The time he started adoring the dark forces and equating himself with God to an extent that his followers adore him, that is the time he lost it. You don't mock God and get away with it. Dearly you will pay.

  6. So what? He will still be the president and you will still be the perennial loser. Come 2022, you will lose again to ......

  7. Kenya is a country governed by the rule of law and that's why justice Maraga will uphold Uhuru's victory. It's unfortunate that being a seasoned politician and considering that you are the only oldest person fighting for political office amongst your grand sons and grand daughters, you ought to be a roll model but you have chosen to fight the young bare nuckle. Its sad to learn that you joined politics even before I was born and I'm very ashamed that you are now competing with my sons.All your age mates with whom you started politics are either at home taking care of their great grand children or they met their maker. Time to hang the boots is now and leave the game to the present generation. You do not reject everything and anything and disregard the rule of law and expect the same law to be on your side.Nobody in Kenya is above the law. Age should be a sign of wisdom and Kenyans would expect you to respect the rule of law. About respecting and recognizing the president elect nobody will force you to do so but, you must learn to recognize and respect others if you want the same to be done to you. Otherwise by fighting every elected leader and trying to disorganize the country, you may end up a very frustrated individual at your age because Kenyans will not give you that satisfaction. Retire honourably and you"ll be respected by many.Kingangi.

  8. Fuck you don't recognise him but he is our president ,don't think wasungu will help you are heading wrong way my friend

  9. Raila attacks Uhuru for 2 reasons 1. To supress MOU with Kalonzo 2.Thirst for Power

  10. How gave birth to this asshole? May the Almighty God rest you in chaos.

  11. Theft of election by the two guys must end else expect hard times a head,wajinga wame revuka .you guys have been talking of erection but we tell you we need proper election tume choka na wezi wawili watapeli,wakenya wamechoka nanyi chukueni rv na central muibie

  12. He is evil and dictator. Remember how he personally handpicked certain people (in ODM) who didnt have to go thro' normal nomination process like in other parties? Isn't that denying citizens their right to choose their preferred leaders? Why does he treat his followers including other citizens like they have no brains? Its really absurd that at this day and age people would even listen to him. Kwani anawapea hawa watu nini that they follow him so blindly? It doesn't make sense at all. Listen to them now, if he won't be handed the seat, then its secession for them...how hypocritical. He himself breaks the laws of the country at will and teaches his followers to do the same. He is the most evil man in the country. He should NEVER be president.

  13. "kama baba amesoma katiba iko sawa!" Can you remember? Wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu! Raila made the katiba thinking he would be the president -so he removed inclusivity-prime minister etc to banish uhuruto outta his perceived govt. God overturned his evil plans and uhuruto are enjoying all his input.He has been in the cold and can t imagine tano tena in the cold of "his katiba"! baba, pole sana.....Prof Mwamaka

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