RAILA ODINGA is living in a fool’s paradise! He will be arrested and charged with treason on December 12

Wednesday November 29, 2017 - A top lawyer in Nairobi has advised National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, to shelve his idea of swearing himself in as President of Kenya on December 12th.

On Tuesday during a NASA rally in Embakasi East, Raila Odinga said that he is not a coward and he will swear himself as President of Kenya on Jamhuri Day.

However, in a fast rejoinder, lawyer...

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  1. what was sworn yesterday was the mungiki president and that's it.

  2. Foreskin misleads the Mind

  3. His gods need more blood and until they are satisfied he must create the environment for bloodshed. Then claim children are being killed by government

  4. Mnyambo ya punda kabisa, to rule where and who ?

  5. Wa Afrika asili yao uharibifu

  6. But Raila and his people always live above the law. We do not know why. He has even made developed countries leaders start fearing him. They are unable to take decisive actions in favor of the Kenyan government due to fear. Little do they kinow that Raila has nothing in his head or heart but just illusion, reckless daring and egotism. The worst dictator of our times. Check the history of parties that he leads and which have been very amorphous to suit his daily whims. Kenya has also been very erratic politically and socially just because of the same whims and fantasies.
    He is able to disturb the whole Nation with lies and evil propaganda due to lack of conscience.

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